‘Z Nation’ Season 5 Premiere Date – Doc And Talking Zombies a Sight to Ponder?

Z Nation Season 5 première date with Doc and talking zombies is just around the corner. Fans are excited to learn this season will feature talking zombies. So what do you call a talking zombie? “Talkers” which seems like a bit of a comic toss at “walkers,” which is what The Walking Dead calls their zombified neighbors.

Z Nation – Ready, Set… Go!

For those of you who have never seen Z Nation, you are missing one exciting show. Sure they have zombies, but they play second fiddle to the break-thru stars like “Doc” Steven Beck (Russell Hodgkinson). Z Nation is as far away from The Walking Dead as the movie Mary Poppins is. The new talking zombies storyline shows that.

Z Nation – The Season 5 Premiere Date is…

It seems the date everyone has waited for was recently revealed. That would be the date the SyFy Channel airs the première episode of Z Nation Season 5. According to Reddit users, Dan Merchant, who is a producer and writer at Z Nation, revealed the premiere date of the new season. Reports indicate the Season 5 première will air Friday, October 5, on Syfy at 9-10 p.m. ET.

“Doc” Steven Beck and Murphy Take on Talking Zombies

When this zombie apocalypse first aired on SyFy, the fan favorites quickly emerged from this show starting with “Doc” Steven Beck. There would be no Z Nation without this man whose character is a true 1960’s leftover. Then, of course, there’s “Murphy,”Alvin Bernard Murphy (Keith Allen) whose fate was in the hands of this group trying to get him cross-country. He was the only living human who survived a zombie bite and his blood is believed to hold the cure. An experimental serum was used on Murphy as a vaccination against zombie bites.

Z - Nation - Doc - Russell Hodgkinson

That serum worked and zombie bites didn’t change him into one of the dead walking upright. But before they could reproduce the serum everyone died in the zombie apocalypse. So getting him to the government lab to have his blood analyzed and used for more vaccines is imperative to save the human race. A mixed bag of people who survived come together to escort Murphy to this lab and the tough journey they experience makes this show one “must see” entertainment venue.

Doc and his antics

Doc was an instant success on the show. He is a laid-back hippie-like character going through the zombie apocalypse with his pockets filled with self-medicating products. One of the most memorable scenes was when Doc shared a joint with a zombie. He blew shot-gun puffs to the zombified man when the two got stuck in an airshaft.

Now, these zombies are going to talk and that has to do with the black rain that blanketed the Earth, according to Fandom. This is bound to give all kinds of interesting scenes to Doc, who is easily seen as someone willing to talk to anyone, including talking zombies. He is a loveable free spirit and people just can’t help gravitating toward him.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see him get a party going with this new zombie breed, but he’d be sure to keep them at arm’s length so there’s no biting. He could even pass out some musical instruments to these smarter zombies and get a make-shift Woodstock going to satisfy his hankering for yesteryear. You just gotta love “Doc” Steven Beck!

Z Nation Black Rain

With the black rain bestowing a level of consciousness to the zombies, they can do more than just talk.  According to the latest reports, this smarter version of zombies can stir up trouble in ways they never did before. If one of these “puppies and kittens” gnawing at a human isn’t the worst kind of trouble imaginable, what is? This is especially true if you are the one that they have in their sights for dinner.

In this season, the crew makes it to Newmerica and they meet George, who is like a father of this new country. Is history repeating itself? A new George Washington is on the horizon for the Z Nation dwellers. it looks as if the show gets a bit political this season mirroring an immigrant problem for Newmerica as well. Reports also suggest their immigration problem is thought to mirror the one in the news today.

Smarter Zombies Who Talk

It seems the talking zombies vie for a place in society but it’s dominated by humans. There’s a hybrid that happens along to play the middleman or middlewoman. That would be Pandora, played by Lydia Hearst.

Lt. Roberta Warren (Kellita Smith) is the leader of this original pack of the merry men and women who tromped through the nation together. She will undoubtedly move along with caution among this new line of verbal dead people. On the other hand, Murphy is bound to find some way to use these new strain of zombies for something that will benefit him. And without a doubt, it will offer some comedy to the show.

“Doc” Steven Beck will most likely plod along and treat the new smart dead folks like they’re his old buddies. That is as long as they’re not gunning for him as their dinner. Doc, Murphy, Roberta, Addy Carver (Anastasia Baranova), “10K” Tommy or Thomas (Nat Zang), and the rest of the characters make this a Friday night TV destination.

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