‘Z Nation’ Season 5 News: Return Date, Cast – Doc and Murphy Make the Show

Z Nation Season 5 return date is causing some confusion online as some media outlets report the new season starts this coming Friday. If it does then the people of Z Nation are good at keeping secrets as there is no release date slated for the SyFy show on its homepage. Furthermore, Z Nation isn’t scheduled to air on the SyFy network on Friday night September 7, as reported by some media.

Z Nation Season 5 Not A September Premiere?

A quick check with the guide on Comcast shows Z Nation airs all day long, on Friday, September 7. Although these are only past episodes that most die-hard fans have seen. These episodes aren’t leading up to the Season 5 premiere. The traditional time for the show, which is the 9 pm slot, is taken up by another show on September 7. So despite reports, there’s no official evidence that the Z Nation return date for Season 5 is slated for this Friday. It doesn’t look like it is happening next week despite new reports.

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A previous article from Soap Dirt indicated while this is not an official announcement, a writer and producer of Z Nation revealed the new season premiere date at an event. Dan Merchant, who is a producer and writer at Z Nation, reportedly revealed the premiere date of the show’s new season. Reports indicate that Merchant gave the Z Nation return date for the Season 5 première as Friday, October 5, on Syfy at 9-10 p.m. ET.

Z Nation Returns Before Halloween?

Again, this is not an official announcement from the show. The Z Nation homepage on SyFy indicates Z Nation “returns later this year” with Season 5. That statement has been there for a long time so while the October 5, start date sounds feasible, it’s not official. The trailer for Season 5 claims Z Nation returns this fall. You can view that video below in this article.

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What’s Up Doc?

The majority of the reports have the same cast members listed for the new season of the show. The fan favorites like “Doc” Steven Beck, who is played by Russell Hodgkinson is returning. Let’s face it, without Doc Z Nation wouldn’t be much of a show. If you have to go through a zombie apocalypse, the only way to do it is in the same laid-back way that Doc does.

Russell Hodgkinson is not only a great actor but his facial expressions set the mood for the antics at hand. When a comical scene is taking place and the cameras pan to Doc, the look on his face is what makes you want to laugh. This old hippie is both out of place and completely at home at the same time. Home is where Doc hangs his hat or in his case rolls up some Z-weed.

Murphy – Yes it’s Alvin (But He Doesn’t Use the Name)

Then, of course, there’s Keith Allan as “Murphy” whose real name on Z Nation is Alvin Murphy. That’s not a name he shares often. He’s a complex guy from his half-zombie-half human-like existence to his selfish and arrogant way of life. But he grows on you. Of course, the hardcore Kellita Smith as Roberta Warren is back as well although she’s softened a bit through the seasons.

“10K” or “Thomas,” who is played by Nat Zang and Anastasia Baranova as Addison “Addy” Carver is back. She is as close to a sweetheart that you will get from this show besides the late Lucy, Murphy’s daughter. “Citizen Z” or Simon Cruller, played by DJ Qualls is also back.

Z Nation Family

“Citizen Z’s”  Eskimo family of Kaya, JZ, and Nana return. Ramona Young plays Kaya, Kodiak Lopez plays JZ the child, and Nana is played by Darlene McCarty. A few other regular faces are back as well like Natalie Jongjardenlarp as Red, Grace Phipps as Sgt. Lilley, and Sydney Viengluang as Sun.

The Walking Dead alum Katy O’Brian joins Z Nation as a new character named Georgia (aka George) St. Clair. She is a young hero of the Newpocalypse. Some of the reports equate Georgia to a modern day George Washington. She is running things at NewMerica. It sounds a bit political but politics coming from Z Nation won’t be anything at all like politics in this world. When it comes to this show, nothing is.


The Z Nation’s group of survivors have come up against fast zombies, strong zombies, and nice zombies willing to help find Lucy. They’ve seen severed zombie arms that point them in the right direction. Then there was that zombie pole-dancer who lost her arm as she flew across the room.

Who can forget the ball of zombies that was like a tumbleweed rolling across a field? They’ve seen zombies used for growing weed and zombies used as guard dogs and terminators. Each season they seem to do something a bit different with the zombies. Season 5 has the zombies evolve a bit, with talking zombies emerging from the zombie apocalypse. Make sure to come back to Soap Dirt to check on all the news for Z Nation and TV shows.