‘The Affair’ Spoilers: Alison Bailey Dead From Suicide – Or Was She Killed?

The Affair shocked viewers when Alison Bailey Lockhart (Ruth Wilson) was found dead after going missing. Alison Bailey (formerly Lockhart and Solloway) has been a central character since Showtime’s The Affair premiered in 2014. Even though Alison entered the picture as a sexy and troubled waitress, Showtime viewers always expected Alison to hang around. Not die. Now Twitter is shocked about Alison’s death and has theories over the supposed suicide.

The Affair – shocking death of Alison Bailey Lockhart brings murder theories

Alison Bailey had already experience a sad life, after her young son drowned. Now The Affair‘s choice to grant Ruth’s wish to leave the show makes the opening song all the more haunting. Written and sung by Fiona Apple, the intro song has a water theme that has played through till the end. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the show set around Montauk will be completed in 2019.

The Affair was unique in showing varying points of view from Alison and her ex-husband, Cole Lockhart (Joshua Jackson). Alison’s marriage to Noah Solloway (Dominic West) and his ex-wife Helen Solloway (Maura Tierney) also received their own POVs. In The Affair‘s episode number 9, previewed below, viewers see Alison’s state of mind before her suicide.


Did Alison Bailey kill herself on The Affair?

Alison’s death was so shocking that The Affair watchers have their own theories about her death. Some write that Alison didn’t kill herself. Instead, they believe Alison’s wealthy but absent dad had her killed so he could harvest the kidney he requested. Others are blaming Ben Cruz (Ramon Rodriguez) for Alison’s death, her last failed affair. Only with Ben, Alison didn’t realize she was having an affair with a married man.

As social media tributes to Alison pour in, so do theories about whether or not Alison would jump in the ocean to die. The Affair viewers know Alison teetered on the brink of death, but are asking if she would place herself in a spot where she’d be bashed against the rocks. Would Alison leave her daughter?


RIP Alison Bailey Lockhart Bailey

The character, Alison Bailey Lockhart, had a lot to swallow this season. She learned that her dad lived pretty close to her without reaching out until he needed Alison. Another heartbreak seems to have shattered Alison. But like Cole, certain viewers of The Affair don’t want to believe it was suicide. Some are pinning Alison’s death on too much heartbreak.

Alison got her affairs in order, transferred money to another account and left an immaculate apartment. If Alison wasn’t over her heartbreak by the age of 35, she would kill herself, so goes the theory. Will the final season feature Cole trying to hunt down the “real killer” as a way to remain close to Alison? Will he die, too?

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