‘Z Nation’: Addy’s Back as Coiffure Hides Missing Eye – Doc Offers Z-Weed Pain Killer

Z Nation brings back”Addy” Addison Carver (Anastasia Baranova) with “Doc” Steven Beck (Russell Hodgkinson) and the gang happy to see her. It looks like Addy’s found a way to do ditch that eye patch as her new hairdo covers her missing eye.

Addy’s homecoming is short-lived when she joins the Z Nation crew for a trip to the Z-Biscuit factory. This is where they bake brains into biscuits that talkers eat to keep them from eating people. With the town out of these biscuits, talkers turn deadly. Unless a new batch is made humans risk talkers turning into zombies and becoming their dinner.

Z Nation – Addy Carver is Back

Despite missing one eye Addy Carver is as beautiful as ever for her Z Nation return. She’s got this comb-over thing going on with her hair. While a guy might cover up a bald spot with a comb-over, Addy used the same idea to cover her missing eye. Furthermore, it works well on Z Nation’s returning star.

“Murphy” Alvin Berard Murphy (Keith Allen) is now very red in color and called “sunburn” by new people they meet. It looks like Murphy, along with “10K” Tommy (Nat Zang), “Warren” Lt. Roberta Warren (Kellita Smith) have a tendency to don biker attire lately. Or at least that’s what the SyFy clips indicate.

Z Nation Clan Goes Biker-Style

Murphy with his silver spikes and studs on his gloves looks like the leader of this leather garbed gang on Z Nation. But they look more are like bikers than survivors of an apocalypse.

Murphy even has colors on the back of his black leather jacket.  It says “Murphy’s Limbo” above a skull-like image with “Life’s a Gamble” underneath.

Doc gets into the Limbo thing too. His T-shirt reads “What Happens in Limbo – Stays in Limbo,” which seems like a take on Las Vegas.

The old crew is back together again minus a few old favorites. They also now have “George” Georgia St. Clair (Katy O’Brian). She seems to be a take on George Washington in Newmerica.

Doc Takes Z-Weed Journey

While Addy, Warren, 10K, and Murphy hunt down the Z-Biscuit bakery, Doc and George set out to follow the trial of a talker. That talker is Lt. Joseph Dante (Zack Ward) who was carted off for a trial after he’s accused of being a traitor.

During this journey, Doc runs over a zombie and an airbag goes off injuring George’s ankle. She’s in a lot of pain so Doc reaches into his bag and pulls out some Z-weed.

The two get really high, which was originally for the sake of George’s pain. But they continue their toking during their journey to Dante’s trial after a short stop to fix the car.

Zombie Intestines

The zombie they hit is tangled up in the car’s motor on Z Nation. A stoned Doc pulls out of the car engine what seems to be a mile of the zombie’s intestines. Doc continues talking very matter-of-factly to George while doing so. It didn’t bother him a bit.

The conversation between Doc and George is centered on the US Constitution. They discuss how to go about attempting to reinstate these laws in this new world. Doc has a vision the founding fathers centuries ago smoking weed while creating the US Constitution.

Z Nation – Dante in The Garbage

George and Doc soon find the military transport vehicle that carted Dante off. It’s parked on the side of the road and the people inside are dead, but Dante isn’t one of them. About 20 to 30-feet away from the vehicle is a garbage can that’s moving. On it, you see the words in blood: “This is what happens to traitors”.

When George takes the top off that garbage can there lie Dante in pieces. His head is still alive so she gives him mercy.

One Eye – One Hand – Addy Carver and 10K Combine for Battle

Addy Carver with her missing eye joins forces with 10K. With 10K missing a hand, the two become one unified force for killing zombies. This duo naturally concocts a tactical dance when it comes to taking the puppies and kittens down.

Addy kneels down in front of 10K and holds up her spike-infused baseball bat as a surface for 10K to balance his gun. When he yells “switch,” the two swap weapons and continue killing zombies.

Z-Biscuits – Scoop Out the Brains!

On Z Nation, Murphy, Warren, Addy, and 10K find the Z-Biscuit factory. They are in dire need of “a lot” of these biscuits for the talkers back at Limbo. Without the biscuits, talkers turn into hungry zombies that will overrun their town.

The folks who bake the Z-Biscuits are an operation consisting of a mom and her four sons. Unfortunately half of them turned zombie after the Z-Biscuits ran out. The zombie mom holds the secret recipe to the Z-Biscuits.

Strange Family Affair

With only two sons not bitten they’ve tried to recreate the recipe to no avail. So Murphy and company coax one of the two remaining human sons to go into the upstairs office. This is where they keep the zombie mom and her two zombie sons locked up.

The scenes are hysterical as the zombie mom and sons eat brains, that they already had at the bakery. Consuming the brains brings them back to normal.

They turn into to the most wonderful family but a little short on intellect. The mom starts baking those biscuits and Warren assigns Murphy to the family so he can go with them back to Limbo and join the town as talkers.

Z Nation – Brutal New World

Scooping brains out of skulls and putting them in a mixing bowl seems like normal work. This goes on without so much as a flinch from anyone. The new world is brutal and folks have become so immune to blood and guts that it’s nothing to them.

When Doc took the zombie organs and guts out of the car engine, he did it as if he were just cleaning leaves from the motor. Smashing in heads and walking around spattered in blood is a new way of life for the Z Nation folks.

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