‘Young and the Restless’ Abhi Sinha Confirms Y&R Abuse – Women Treated ‘Like Pieces of Meat’

Young and the Restless news indicates Abhi Sinha (the actor who plays Ravi Shapur) has gone public about the alleged abuse some females experience behind the scenes at Y&R. Sinha didn’t confirm Mal Young as an abuser, but the implication and context are clear. Sinha shared that what he’s seen that are far outside his comfort zone. Let’s take a look at what the actor said about the behind the scenes drama at the CBS soap.

Young and the Restless – Abhi Sinha Confirms Abuse Allegations?

Young and the Restless news previously reported some rumors of sketchy behavior behind the scenes at Y&R. At that time there were murmurs of pending lawsuits but no confirmations. Now, Abhi Sinha has taken to his Instagram to set the record straight and share his personal observations while working on the set.

Sinha said that he prefers to “surround myself with human beings and not animals who treat women like pieces of meat.” He didn’t specifically name Y&R management with this statement, but the implications and context sure sound like he’s calling them out for their behavior. Given the other rumors of trouble leaking out of the CBS studio, it all makes sense.

The actor said he was not involved in any pending litigation but is fearful for the fate of the show. He said, “we all know from recent times that allegations and litigation can cancel shows and affect everyone on it”. He called it a “domino effect”. Importantly, Abhi Sinha also hashtagged #MeToo and #SexualHarassment making it obvious that he’s supporting the alleged victims.

Mal Young Responsible for Behind the Scenes Angst at Y&R?

Rumors abound that Mal Young has created a boy’s club. It is an allegedly toxic environment for women. Long-time viewers know what Mal has done to previously strong, independent female characters on the show. Abhi Sinha said he is more concerned with sexual abuse allegations against Mal Young than about his character returning. You can read his entire post above.

He wrote in response to a fan comment, “I’m more concerned with the sexual allegations against the show runner” and added “upsetting/disturbing if true”. The actor who plays Michael Baldwin, Christian LeBlanc, seems to support what Abhi Sinha wrote in his Instagram posts. While LeBlanc didn’t comment, he unloaded seven heart emojis onto Abhi Sinha’s IG chain of comments on the issue.

Young and the Restless Newest Writer Replaces Alleged Victim

Daran Little was recently hired as a new Y&R writer. He reportedly replaced Beth Milstein. Rumor has it that Beth quit because of Mal’s abusive behavior towards her and is the one filing a lawsuit. Does Daran even know anything about Young and the Restless? Reportedly Little joked he’s never watched an episode of the show but is a UK pal of Mal Young’s.

This upsetting news does not sound good for the future of Y&R. Let’s hope that the network is taking these allegations seriously. A big shout out goes to Abhi Sinha for having the courage to stand up and say something. With Eileen Davidson exiting The Young and the Restless next week, there’s not much hope for Ravi Shapur’s return so it seems Abhi Sinha decided to speak his truth on the way out the door.

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