‘Young and the Restless’ News: New Male Writer, Daran Little Hired

Young and the Restless news hints Mal Young hired Daran Little to join the writing staff of Y&R. Daran Little is a seasoned soap writer and previously worked with Mal on the British shows Coronation Street and EastEnders. Daran also has experience writing for All My Children. What will happen to the CBS soap with another Brit on the team?

Young and the Restless News: Daran Little Tweets From CBS Television Studios

Today, Daran Little posted the tweet below. The picture is of the studios at CBS. It would seem Daran has a new job – and it could be with his pal Mal over at Young and the Restless. An Emmy nominated British television writer, Daran Little has penned more than a hundred episodes of both Coronation Street and the show EastEnders.

Daran Little has written eleven books, both fiction and non-fiction, about the show Coronation Street and its characters.  ABC Daytime hired Daran Little as a creative consultant on All My Children. He was then an Associate Head Writer from July 14, 2008, to November 2, 2009. Daran Little received two Emmy nominations during his time at All My Children.

Bad Behavior Continues Behind The Scenes

Young and the Restless rumors continue that Mal Young is verbally abusive to the female writers on the Young and the Restless. Reports linger that the writer’s room is very toxic. There is also ongoing speculation that a senior female writer is considering taking legal action against Mal over behind the scenes behavior.

Of course, there is no way to confirm these allegations. However, we see increasing speculation of unhappy women on the crew and cast (given the many female exits of late). So, it’s troublesome that a male writer with a long history with Mal Young is possibly being added to the writing staff.

Boys Club In The Making?

Young and the Restless news previously indicated that Josh Griffith returned to Y&R as a producer. Josh is another with a reputation for being (allegedly) difficult on set. Currently, Mal Young is Executive Producer and Head Writer. Additionally, the remaining supervising producers and producers are all male.

Is Mal’s goal to move more men into the role of writer? Only time will tell if this is his plan. What it will mean for the future of the Young and the Restless remains to be seen. Will CBS stop the madness?

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