Young and the Restless: Eric Braeden Begs Y&R to Stop the Madness – Outraged Fans Agree

Young and the Restless spoilers reveal Eric Braeden is not happy with executive producer Mal Young’s decision to fired Doug Davidson. Eric portrayed Victor Newman since 1980, while Doug played Paul Williams since 1978 so the pair has a long history. They are both colleagues and friends. Braeden took to Twitter to express his anger and to beg management to reverse course. Fans chimed in with their voices similarly frustrated.

Young and the Restless Spoilers – Eric Braeden Tweets Frustration

Y&R spoilers have Eric Braeden speaking loud and clear on his unhappiness with the direction the CBS soap has taken. See his comments below. The Mustache actor specifically calls out the heartbreaking decision to write out Doug Davidson from his recurring role. Eric goes on to mention Christian LeBlanc, Greg Rikart, and Eileen Davison by name as other recent departures.

Young and the Restless spoilers show that Eric specifically calls the move to fire Doug Davidson as an “egregious mistake”. Braeden also acknowledged that he tries to stay out of casting decisions. However, in this instance, the veteran soap actor couldn’t remain quiet. Braeden is in Germany on vacation and apologized for his delayed reaction.

Eric Braeden tweeted, “I normally don’t express my opinions reg the casting of Y&R! That’s the privilege of those who produce the show! However, this is a time I have to make an exception! To let DOUGIE DAVIDSON GO is an egregious mistake. We have lost some all time fan favorites.”

Mal Young’s Changes to Y&R  and Letting Go Doug Davidson Infuriates Fans

As you can see from the slideshow of angry tweets below, fans are aligned with Eric Braeden in their outrage over the show ditching Doug Davidson. With confirmation that the Bells sold their soap to CBS, it’s clear Mal Young is running the ship – and fans think he’s running it into the ground!

Fans tweeted support of Eric’s comments and are tagging the show and network to express their ire. With veteran actors leaving (or being fired) in droves, and an influx of new faces, the CBS soap has rapidly become unrecognizable. Longtime fans are tuning out, ratings are dropping, and all the changes came after Mal Young took the helm.

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Will CBS Listen to Eric Braeden or the Fans?

Young and the Restless fans sent angry comments calling the show firing Doug Davidson “unforgivable” and said the show is “unrecognizable”. Other simple chimed in with “you got that right Eric!” supporting the actor’s statement. One strong response stated, “YR has lost a million viewers this year and is still bleeding them out.  The new direction is not and will not work. Someone needs to finally admit it and step in!”

WIth Eric Braeden appealing to the network and fans upset, can the downslide stop? Or will CBS let Mal Young drive Y&R all the way to the soap graveyard? Soap fans have lost so many shows in recent years – to lose one of the four left would be devastating. Will someone stop the madness?

Check out this petition to bring back Doug Davidson and check back with Soap Dirt often for the latest Young and the Restless spoilers and news.