‘Young and the Restless’ News: Actresses Quit Y&R Over Abuse Allegations Behind the Scenes?

Breaking news indicates The Young and the Restless may not be such a nice place to work. Are startling revelations of abusive behavior behind the scenes the reason several female stars are leaving Y&R?

Young and the Restless Lawsuits in the Works

Tommy Lightfoot Garrett of Highlight Hollywood reported that both head writer Mal Young and Sony’s Steve Kent could be named in a lawsuit against the show and network over allegations of verbal abuse and sexual harassment. If true, it’s shocking that the show’s head writer would behave in such a way. It’s more stunning his supervisor would cover-up for his horrible actions.

Sources say Mal Young’s over-the-top behavior left several actresses tears. Also concerning is producer Josh Griffith’s return to Young and the Restless since he has a history of (alleged) inappropriate behavior on set as well. It’s not surprising legal action could be pending if the abuse is running rampant and unchecked.

Mystery Solved as to Why Several Stars Have Left

Is Mishael Morgan’s recent departure the result of these allegations? Did this drive Eileen Davidson away after so many years at Y&R and is Christel Khalil’s recent request for a change to recurring status related to abusive on-set behavior? Another hint at trouble brewing is that a female casting director resigned, reportedly over terrible working conditions at Y&R.

No male actors are leaving the show. But several females exited. Is this just coincidence or a red flag? Garret reported, “A very respected, honorable woman who has worked for the show for years is on her way out”. He alleged that she’s “emotionally traumatized by her treatment”. He said she endured “sexual harassment as well as verbal abuse”. Garrett said this woman walked away from daytime altogether over the abuse.

While there’s no word on whether Garrett referred to Mishael Morgan, Christel Khalil, Eileen Davidson, or the casting director. These troubling allegations can’t bode well for the future of the Young and the Restless.

What do you think about the disturbing allegations?

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