‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: CBS Low Ratings Push Mal Young To Bring Back Preview?

Young and the Restless spoilers indicate CBS might be listening to fans, even if Mal Young is not. The “next on Y&R” segment is back at the end of each episode. Fans were outraged when the showrunner cut this part of the show and instead substituted the “previously on” at the beginning of each episode.

Mal Young is making drastic changes to the show that Young and the Restless fans don’t like. But maybe the network (and its advertisers) are finally pushing back on him. Could this be a sign that things are turning around at the CBS soap? Let’s hope this trend continues with storylines and the return of fan favorites.

Young and the Restless spoilers – Fan Voices Finally Heard by Mal Young?

Fans looked forward to seeing a glimpse of the next episode at the end of the show. It was part of the legacy and tradition of the daily soap. Cutting it diminished fan enjoyment of Young and the Restless episodes. Mal Young replaced it with a segment most viewers didn’t like and so viewers got vocal with their unhappiness on social media about this needless change.

Longtime watchers felt they didn’t need a reminder of what happened on prior episodes. They were watching and know the history (even if Mal Young does not). The “previously on Y&R” segment at the beginning of each new episode was seen as useless because fans love a small taste of what is coming in the future.

With the return of this segment, it would seem someone had heard fans anger. Did the network force Mal Young to listen to fans and bring it back? Or was this Mal Young’s idea because he sees the show slipping away from him because of troubled ratings and ongoing negative fan feedback at his sweeping changes to the CBS soap?

Network Responding To Y&R Ratings Plunge?

Is it possible that the network is waking up what viewers want for The Young and the Restless? As ratings continue to drop and viewers tune out in huge numbers, it could force a change. The latest ratings report indicates that 377,000 viewers dropped out from the same time last year.

CBS and its advertisers can’t be happy to be throwing money at a show with nosediving ratings so perhaps Mal Young is getting pressure from the powers that be at the network to give The Young and the Restless fans what they want. Just because Y&R has been number one for decades doesn’t mean it will stay that way under his management.

Is the network forcing Mal Young to put his agenda aside to right this ship? If so, this return to “next time on Y&R” is one tiny step in the right direction.

Young and the Restless – Mal Young Too Many Changes

Many fans have argued that Y&R is almost unrecognizable now.

These actors are now on recurring:

  • Noah Newman (Robert Adamson)
  • Faith Newman (Alyvia Alyn Lind)
  • Lauren Fenmore (Tracey E. Bergman)
  • Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc) – who’s rumored to be gone
  • Jill Abbott (Jess Walton)
  • Esther Valentine (Kate Linder)
  • Lily Ashby (Christel Khalil)

Most don’t have a storyline and show up only as bit players to further another character’s drama. And this week on The Young and the Restless, Gloria Bardwell (Judith Chapman) went missing from her desk at Jabot with no explanation. Once again did a random newbie replace a legacy character? Mal Young might have pushed Glo out with no ado – because suddenly she’s gone.

That’s on top of losing Paul Williams (Doug Davison), Hilary Hamilton (Mishael Morgan), and Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) which is devastating to fans. Maybe the show can be saved if this change back to “next time on” means the network hears the fans. Just in case someone is listening, fans need to keep raising their voices!

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