‘Young and the Restless’ Actors Call Out Mal Young – Eric Braeden and Abhi Sinha Twitter Outrage

The Young and the Restless actors aren’t keeping quiet anymore about Mal Young. Eric Braeden and Abhi Sinha, who portray Victor Newman and Ravi Shapur on Y&R, are speaking out strongly on social media about the CBS showrunner and what he’s doing to the once-iconic show. Will this finally get the attention of the network, so they’ll intervene? Fans are hoping for a miracle to save their soap. Maybe Eric Braeden wading into the debate will change something.

The Young and the Restless Actors – Eric Braeden and Abhi Sinha Speak

Soap Dirt reported recently on Abhi Sinha raising his voice on Instagram about women being treated like “pieces of meat” behind the scenes at The Young and the Restless. The Ravi Shapur actor isn’t relenting and hit hard again today with a tweet that read “Like I said before – When there is a terrible leader at the helm, a mass exodus usually follows”.

That’s when Eric Braeden chimed in with a reply on Twitter obviously furious about the tainting of the “Y&R legacy” and said, “How about asking Jess WALTON, TRACEY BREGMAN, DOUGIE DAVIDSON, EILEEN DAVIDSON, CHRISTIAN Le BLANC, CHRYSTAL KHALIL, LAURALEE BELL, MISHAEL MORGAN, etc!!”

Where Is CBS? The Silence is Deafening

It looks like Eric Braeden is siding with Abhi Sinha. Some The Young and the Restless fans suspect that there’s an agenda at play to dismantle the CBS soap by leaving it in Mal Young’s hands. People might write off Abhi Sinha as someone with a smaller role that could be complaining because he’s no longer on the show. However, that would be making excuses. Sinha seems like a decent guy that couldn’t be silent anymore about what he saw behind the scenes.

But when the undisputed star of Y&R, Eric Braeden, speaks this strongly, can CBS really remain silent too much longer? Usually, the network doesn’t comment. But every now and then, they will come out and say something. A few years ago, a gossip rag lied and said Billy Miller was coming back to YR and that Jason Thompson would be fired. A network rep commented then, and this is a much larger issue. So, can we expect to hear from CBS finally?

Will There Be a Day of Reckoning?

Young and the Restless fans watch on their TV as legacy characters are cut from the show one after another. New characters come in that no one knows while longstanding families are dismantled on a whim. Fan outrage seems not to matter since nothing is slowing Mal Young down. Now that Abhi Sinha named him a “terrible leader” and Eric Braeden tweeted his support, will the network do anything about this? Or is the network sitting silent on purpose?

Everyone that watches daytime TV knows that soap operas are expensive to produce. That’s why ratings matter so much. Talk shows and game shows are much cheaper to air. That’s what has filled the time slots of all the canceled soaps across all three networks. This begs the question of whether CBS is intentionally letting Mal Young run the soap into the ground. If ratings tank, then the network has an excuse to cancel Y&R.

Is this like a bad soap plot playing out with Mal Young as the secret villain? Unfortunately in real life, unlike on soaps, when things die, they’ don’t resurrect. If he succeeds in killing The Young and the Restless, it will stay dead. As for Eric Braeden, it sounds like he’s more concerned for the fate of his friends and coworkers than his own future on the soap. Bravo to this master actor for speaking his truth!

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