‘Young and the Restless’ News: Abhi Sinha’s Dog Bella Shot and Killed

The Young and the Restless star Abhi Sinha (who plays Ravi Shapur on Y&R) is dealing with a tragic and cruel loss – someone did something awful to his dog. He went to his Instagram to share the shocking news about his dog was recently killed. Bella was near and dear to his heart and to his girlfriend. He considered his pets part of the family. Both Sinha and his girlfriend shared details of the terrible events.

The Young and the Restless News: What happened to Abhi Sinha’s dog?

On his Instagram post, Abhi explained saying, “Last week we lost our Bella in a horrific act of evil and malice. We are still in shock as she did not deserve what happened to her.” He went on to share that you could find out more information about what happened to his German Shepherd Bella in a link in his bio. This link takes you to a Facebook page for Kavita Dave, his girlfriend.

Both Young and the Restless actor Abhi Sinha and his girlfriend are self-admitted nerds. She explained how they got Bella’s name saying, “Bella was named after Bellatrix Lestrange, loyal and faithful servant to The Dark Lord who also had an untimely death.” Unfortunately, Bella met a terrible fate thanks to the unthinkable actions of a criminal.

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Abhi Sinha’ girlfriend shares tragic story

Kativa explained a lot more about the loss of their dog. First off, she explained how the companionship of dogs has helped her through so many things. On June 11, Boba Fett, one of their dogs, had to be put down because of medical issues. This Young and the Restless player of Ravi Shapur and his girlfriend have dealt with a lot of loss recently.

Kativa explained that she was off to watch a football game and when she got home all of the dogs greeted her in the house. Then Kativa let them out and heard a bit of barking. They were outside around an hour and when she opened the door one dog was there, but Bella was nowhere to be seen. Her gate was open, but she wasn’t sure why.

She then found Bella injured lying on the side of the road. Abhi Sinha, Ravi Shapur of The Young and the Restless, wasn’t there with her. She loaded Bella into the car wrapped in a blanket and saw that she had blood on her side. He explained Bella as “the sweetest cuddliest and most fearless member of our pack.”

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Ravi Shapur Player Finds Bella injured

They rushed Bella to the pet doctor. The vet worked hard to stabilize her, but Bella had been shot and couldn’t be saved. The bullet landed on the left side of her heart. Abhi and Kativa lost Bella that night after losing their other dog just a few months before. This was hard on the entire family.

It turns out that when she got home she realized their dog Rooney was bleeding from being shot as well. He was still alive, though. This dog pulled through, luckily. Her friend, who is a former police officer, explained that both dogs were shot in a way it was obvious they meant to kill them.

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