‘Unexpected’: Max Schenzel Drags Chloe Mendoza to Court?

Unexpected star Max Schenzel recently revealed if he plans to drag Chloe Mendoza to court. He wants to be able to see his daughter, Ava and hopes that a judge can help make that happen.

Unexpected: Max Schenzel Talks Taking Chloe Mendoza to Court

Max Schenzel spoke about his plan to get his daughter, Ava, back in his life. The Unexpected alum has a restraining order against him. He isn’t able to see or contact Chloe Mendoza and their child. However, Max plans on changing that. He said that he is fighting for his daughter by working every day, making money and staying sober. He wants to prove that he has made positive changes in his life and deserves a second chance.

However, the Unexpected reality star also plans to seek help from the court. Max Schenzel doesn’t want to take Chloe Mendoza to court. But, he does want to talk to a judge to find out how he can get the restraining order dropped or modified. Max said that he doesn’t care about seeing Chloe. He only wants to be a good father to his little girl. He hopes that the judge can modify the order so that he can see Ava and not Chloe.

Unexpected: Max Schenzel - Chloe Mendoza

Max Misses Friendship with Chloe

Max Schenzel and Chloe Mendoza may not be on good terms now, but they were once good friends. The Unexpected young dad even admitted that he misses Chloe. Max said that he will always love her since she is the mother of his child. However, he only misses her as a friend. He said that they had a great friendship. According to Max, he and Chloe had a lot of fun together and have good memories.

Max Schenzel from Unexpected doesn’t want to have a romantic relationship with Chloe Mendoza. But, he does want to be on good terms for their daughter’s sake. He wishes that they could be civil. Max would like for him and Chloe to be able to talk to each other and develop a relationship where they can be friends and co-parents.

Unexpected: Max Schenzel

Unexpected Celeb Opens Up About Mental Health

Max Schenzel hasn’t been able to spend time with his little girl, Ava, in a long time. Many fans were curious to find out how he’s been dealing with the custody issues mentally. Max said that his mental health through these tough times is “pretty decent.” But he also said it’s not the best. Max has been coping with not being able to visit Ava by talking to his best friends about it. He also talks to co-workers who are going through similar situations.

The Unexpected TLC star does have a lot of regrets. Max Schenzel said that his biggest regret is getting into drugs. He also wishes that he had never hung out with people who didn’t care about their future. Max feels that he would be in “a way different place” in his life if he had surrounded himself with better people. But, he can only learn from his mistakes and move forward.

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