‘Unexpected’: Max Schenzel Exposes Himself for Attention?

Unexpected not-so-popular dad, Max Schenzel, got a lot of TLC fan attention with a recent video. Viewers said they couldn’t believe he would put something like that out there where his daughter might see it one day.

Unexpected: Max Schenzel Gets the Wrong Kind of Attention

Max Schenzel of Unexpected has pulled off a few pranks lately. But one of the things he did make fans think he did this one on purpose. He videoed himself from the stomach down in his underwear and had “oops” on the video.

Fans of Unexpected noticed a rather large bulge in Max’s pants which they say he likely wanted everyone to see. But he likely didn’t get the attention he wanted if he heard any of the chatter from viewers. Most people said they thought he stuffed something like a beer koozie down his pants.

Viewers of Unexpected said if he wanted to get women after him – it was a definite fail. Ever since getting out of jail, Max Schenzel has done everything he can to get attention. It seems like he wants to use his clout to make money.

Unexpected: Max Schenzel

Max Defends Himself

Unexpected father Max Schenzel said that he isn’t doing anything wrong. Even though he’s upset fans with some of his fake videos, he continues to say he’s a good person. Max even goes so far as to say he’s a good dad and should be able to see his daughter, Ava Schenzel.

Viewers from Unexpected said they think he’s a real joke, and some even go so far as to call him trash. Max Schenzel keeps saying he doesn’t drink or do drugs anymore. Fans don’t quite believe it since he often “looks high as a kite” in his photos and videos.

Max said, “Winners focus on winning. Losers focus on winners,” but fans didn’t buy it. Many people said things like, “No. They focus on their kids,” and threw some below-the-belt insults at Max Schenzel. Some people even said they felt sorry for his dad.

Unexpected: Max Schenzel

Unexpected: A Thorn in Chloe Mendoza’s Side

Max’s ex Chloe Mendoza tries not to say much about him these days. Even when Max Schenzel makes nasty videos about her, she tries to ignore it. She is doing great now that she has a nice boyfriend that is there for her and Ava.

Fans said a lot of the things Max says about Chloe don’t even make sense. Some people even point out times that they catch him in lies about text messages he sent her. One viewer of Unexpected even said, “What part of retraining order don’t you understand?”

As of right now, it seems like Max will still have to stay away from his daughter. Fans wished that his dad would at least get to visit with her.

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