‘Unexpected’: Chloe Mendoza Says Max Schenzel Lying

Unexpected‘s Chloe Mendoza said that she knows Max Schenzel is lying about her. And that she will only address his lies one time, and then she would ignore him totally. So what’s the latest he-said-she-said about?

Unexpected: Chloe Mendoza Calls Out Max Schenzel

Chloe Mendoza from Unexpected said that she knows Max Schenzel is talking behind her back. She went on to say that he is telling lies about her. But she doesn’t want to put a lot of energy into the things he said about her.

Fans of Unexpected said Max looks like he’s “on something” in some of his videos. And that Max Schenzel shouldn’t call Chloe, the mother of his child, a “stupid b*tch” and other names. Many people say they can tell when he’s sober and when he’s not by how he talks.

In some cases, Max Schenzel says he’s a year sober. And at other times, he says he’s over 500 days sober, so viewers of Unexpected called him out on that lie. Chloe Mendoza said that she isn’t going to let Max cause her problems. And Chloe won’t say anything else about the subject.

Unexpected: Chloe Mendoza - Ava Schenzel

Max Says He Learned a Lot

Unexpected dad Max Schenzel said he learned a lot through his six months of jail. He said he went to jail for his 2019 crimes, but now he’s out and sober. Max said he is living in a sober house right now, and his dad, Todd Schenzel, is trying to find a house near him.

Fans of Unexpected asked Max if he or his dad ever got to see Ava, and he said that was a no. He said he would like to co-parent with Chloe Mendoza, but they don’t let him see her. Max Schenzel went on to say that he didn’t want to take Chloe to court right now.

TLC’s Max said he wanted to focus on bettering his life and becoming stable before bringing Ava into things. But some fans of Unexpected said they couldn’t understand how he could just ignore not seeing his daughter. But he said that it’s “f*cked up” his dad doesn’t get to see her and that he’s changed too.

Unexpected: Max Schenzel

Unexpected: Chloe Enjoying Life with Ava Schenzel

Chloe Mendoza doesn’t seem to care how Max feels about him or his dad not getting to see Ava. Their main goal is to keep Ava Schenzel safe and happy. Max Schenzel from Unexpected did say he could tell Ava was happy from Chloe’s videos.

Unexpected viewers said they were glad that Ava and Chloe are doing well. Chloe Mendoza has a new boyfriend, and they spend time together with her. Recently they went to a “selfie museum” and had fun taking pictures.

Despite the change of Max being out of jail, it doesn’t look like Chloe is going to let it dampen her mood.

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