‘Unexpected’: Max Schenzel Regrets Having Baby with Chloe Mendoza

Unexpected star Max Schenzel revealed that he regrets having a baby with Chloe Mendoza. He spoke about his feelings towards Chloe and her family. Will they ever be on good terms?

Unexpected: Max Schenzel Uses Daughter Ava as Motivation

Max Schenzel knew that by doing the show, there was going to be a lot of drama. According to the Unexpected young dad, he knew that Chloe Mendoza’s parents didn’t like him. Max said he was the 17-year-old guy who got their 16-year-old daughter pregnant. But, he now believes that they are happy to have their daughter and granddaughter living with them.

The Unexpected reality star is happy where he is in life. However, Max Schenzel said that he would be happier if he was with his little girl, Ava. He uses her as motivation to do better. He said that he is one step closer to seeing Ava with every positive change he makes. Max understands that he did wrong in the past. But, he is working towards taking steps forward and not going back to his old ways.

Unexpected: Ava Schenzel

Max and Chloe Mendoza Too Young for a Baby?

Max Schenzel admitted that a small part of him wished he never had a baby with Chloe Mendoza. The Unexpected cast member said it has nothing to do with Ava. He said that he and Chloe just weren’t ready for a baby. Max believes that they were too young to become parents. He also said that he didn’t know Chloe very well. But, he said he had fallen for her quickly.

Max Schenzel from Unexpected is not on speaking terms with Chloe Mendoza. She has a restraining order against him that prevents him from contacting her or their little girl, Ava. Max thinks Chloe doesn’t want to deal with having a kid together. He feels that’s why she pretends he doesn’t even exist. Max said that she holds on to the past and says that he is still the same person. However, he believes that if she called his probation officer, she would see that he has changed.

Unexpected: Max Schenzel - Chloe Mendoza

Unexpected Celeb Calls Chloe’s Family a ‘Gang’

Max Schenzel believes that Chloe Mendoza’s family has a significant influence on her. He said that it frustrates him that they are like a “gang.” He felt that while on the TLC show, they were always ganging up on him. Max said that if he and Chloe were still together, they would eventually break up because of her relatives. He thinks that they were out to get him from the start.

While on Unexpected, Max Schenzel and Chloe Mendoza’s family were constantly at odds. Chloe’s parents didn’t even want Max to be at Ava’s baptism. They thought that he was going to cause problems. Max also wasn’t allowed in Chloe’s parents’ house, which made it hard for him to see her and Ava. Despite his rocky past with them, he is willing to work with them for Ava’s sake.

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