‘Unexpected’: Max Schenzel Fears Daughter Ava Will Forget about Him

Unexpected star Max Schenzel is fearful that his daughter Ava Schenzel may forget about him. He doesn’t want her calling someone else “dad.” Max feels like he has made many positive changes in his life and that he should be able to be a father to his child.

Unexpected: Max Schenzel Kept Away from Daughter Ava

Max Schenzel recently spoke about his relationship with his daughter, Ava Schenzel. Due to the restraining order against him, he hasn’t been able to see his little girl in almost a year. Chloe Mendoza did get it extended, which means Max might not be able to see Ava for another year. But, the Unexpected young dad isn’t going to let another year go by with him not seeing Ava.

The Unexpected reality star finds it hard to talk about his daughter. Max Schenzel said that she is on his mind every day. However, he tries not to think about her much because it hurts him being away from Ava. Max feels like he is missing out on a lot of her life. He knows that she is growing up fast, and he’s sad that he hasn’t been there to witness it.

Unexpected: Max Schenzel

Max Fears Ava Calling Chloe Mendoza’s New Boyfriend ‘Dad’

Max Schenzel revealed that he is concerned that his daughter, Ava Schenzel, has been around Chloe Mendoza’s new boyfriend, Ian, too much. The Unexpected celeb said that he is afraid that she will start to think that Ian is her parent. Max doesn’t want his daughter to forget about him because he is her father. He understands that Chloe has said that Ian is not Ava’s father figure. But, Max said that Ava doesn’t need a father figure because she has him.

Max Schenzel from Unexpected also shared that his family has not been able to see Ava either. He said that his little girl doesn’t even know much about his side of the family. According to Max, Chloe Mendoza and her family “pushes” them to the side and acts like they’re not there. But, he knows that his family wants to spend time with Ava.

Unexpected: Ava Schenzel

Unexpected Celeb Shares Future Plans

Max Schenzel has been preparing for when he does have Ava back in his life. He said that he has been putting money aside for her from every paycheck he gets. His goal is to be able to support her financially. Max also hopes that one day he can have a strong bond with Ava. He wants her to feel comfortable enough to talk to him about anything and to trust him. He doesn’t want his little girl to feel like she has to hide anything from him.

The Unexpected TLC star also plans to build a better relationship with Chloe Mendoza. Max Schenzel wants to get the order of protection dropped so he can contact Chloe for Ava’s sake. He knows that having a good co-parenting relationship will benefit Ava. For Max, it’s all about working together as a team.

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