‘Unexpected’: Hailey #2 Shares Cancer Update and Pregnancy Plans

Unexpected star Hailey Tilford is opening up about a scary cancer update for her family. Also, she isn’t holding back on what her pregnancy plans are for the future. Hailey Tilford and Matthew Blevins welcomed their first child, Levi Carter Blevins, into the world earlier this year. Is Hailey aiming to have another child so soon after the birth of her son?

Unexpected: Hailey Tilford Makes Fans Aware of Cancer Treatment Progress

Unexpected celebrity Hailey Tilford isn’t quiet when it comes to sharing updates about the health of her father. Recently, Hailey #2’s dad was diagnosed with cancer.

Hailey talked recently about her dad’s health struggle. Unexpected‘s Hailey #2 said he’s pushing through “chemo” every day. But, he’s still going to work and living his life like he normally does.

Unexpected: Hailey Tilford

Ex-girlfriend is Proud of Matthew Blevins

After the birth of Levi Carter Blevins, the father Matthew Blevins wasn’t consistently in his child’s life. Matthew wasn’t entirely sure that he was the biological father of Levi. He, along with a few other Unexpected fans, think that Cole Smith is the father of Levi.

The allegations of Cole’s paternity were denied by Hailey Tilford. And she’s denying a paternity test done for the moment. This is because she thinks the lockdown restrictions make it challenging for her to get a test done.

Despite some Unexpected followers questioning paternity of Levi, she has been open about her life. She says that Matthew hasn’t seen her son in months. And that he’s not making much of an effort to be around their son.

The Unexpected celebrity is proud of Matthew. This is because he’s showing her that he’s making an effort to be apart of their child’s life. But, she wouldn’t say that he’s really “stepping up”.

Unexpected: Hailey Tilford

Unexpected: Future Baby Plans for Hailey Tilford

Also, she says that she doesn’t currently have a relationship with Matthew. This is because she’s only co-parenting with him. But, she’s sharing her plans for having a baby.

Hailey #2 is asked if she’s pregnant. She doesn’t give too much information in her response. All she says is a simple “no”.

But, she also talks about the Unexpected relationship between Levi and Kinsley. Kinsley is the half-sister of Levi, who’s the child of Matthew Blevins. The mother of Kinsley is Hailey Tomlinson. She says Kinsley and Levi aren’t close. This isn’t surprising, considering the relationship that Hailey #1 and Hailey #2 had in the past.

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