‘Unexpected’: Haley Tilford Threatens Matthew Blevins? Says He Hasn’t Seen Son in Months

Unexpected star Hailey Tilford is opening up about her struggles as a teenage mom and about her ex Matthew Blevins. One of the hardest things that she’s struggling with is how Matthew Blevins, the father of her baby, isn’t helping to raise their child. And she’s also talking about how Matthew is missing out on.

Unexpected: Hailey Tilford Talks About Receiving Hate

On TLC’s hit show Unexpected, Hailey Tilford came into the picture when she connected with her best friend, Hailey Tomlinson. Hailey Tomlinson was pregnant with Kinsley Blevins. Kinsley is the baby girl of Matthew Blevins.

Hailey Tilford accused Matthew Blevins of cheating on Hailey Tomlinson with her. He denied the allegations and accused Hailey Tilford of trying to flirt with him. During season 3’s Unexpected Tell-All, Hailey Tilford and Matthew Blevins announced their pregnancy.

Hailey #2 isn’t well-liked by some Unexpected fans, because of how she stole Matthew Blevins away from the new mom, Hailey Tomlinson.

A fan has recently asked Hailey #2 if she’s still getting hate. She simply said “yes”.

Unexpected - Hailey Tilford - Matthew Blevins

Star Accuses Matthew Blevins of Not Supporting Child

After Levi Carter Tilford was born, Unexpected fans began to wonder if Levi is truly Matthew’s son. Many people believe that Levi could be the son of Cole Smith. Cole is Hailey’s most recent ex-boyfriend.

After the paternity of Levi was in question, Hailey Tilford said that he’s definitely the father. However, she hasn’t gotten a DNA test completed. She says that this is because the COVID-19 pandemic is preventing her from getting one done.

A supporter asked Hailey Tilford if he was paying child support. She didn’t give much detail into what Matthew is doing to care for their child. But, she did say “no” to this question.

Unexpected - Hailey Tilford - Matthew Blevins

Unexpected: Hailey # 2 Shows Old Messages to Matthew Blevins

After saying that Unexpected star Matthew Blevins isn’t paying child support, another fan asked Hailey a question. They asked if Matthew believes that Levi isn’t his child or if he simply doesn’t care.

To respond to this, she showed her fans a message that she sent to Matthew. In this message, she tells Matthew that she understands that they ended on bad terms because of being “toxic in a relationship”. However, she asks him why he’s punishing their son for it.

Then, she goes on to say that it’s “been 7 months” and that Matthew Blevins continues to deny him. She tells him that their son isn’t getting any younger and that he’s missing out on so much as a father. And she says that she’s a good mom. She’s said only one guy has been around Levi. But, that Matthew is his father.

Unexpected celebrity Hailey Tilford also says that she doesn’t want to do the “whole court thing”. But, that she thinks that this is the way Matthew wants to do it. She tells him that she’s not looking to start drama. She asks Matthew if he’s ever going to claim the child as is, or if she should just go ahead and “take it to court” to get the process started.

After showing her fans this message, she says that “he just doesn’t care”.

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