‘Unexpected’: Hailey Tilford Shows off Shocking New Hairstyle

Unexpected star Hailey Tilford (fans call her Hailey #2) recently showed off her shocking new hairstyle. She isn’t known for making drastic changes to her look, unlike her fellow cast members. However, she has been making changes to her life for the better. Hailey #2 is ready to move forward, and her new look might be the beginning of more positive changes in her life. Continue reading to find out what she did to her hair.

Unexpected: Hailey Tilford Reunites with Former Best Friend

Hailey Tilford (#2) and Hailey Tomlinson (#1) were once best friends. However, when one started dating the other’s baby daddy, the two became enemies. Now the former Unexpected best friends are parents to half-siblings. They have kept in touch and remain friends. But, they aren’t as close as they once were.

The Unexpected cast members have kept in contact so their children can have a close sibling bond. Due to the global pandemic, Hailey Tilford and Hailey Tomlinson haven’t been able to have their children see each other often. However, earlier this month, the two young moms had a siblings play date. They were happy to have their kids spend time together after so long.

Unexpected: Hailey Tilford

Hailey #2 Covers up past with Matthew Blevins with New Ink

Hailey Tilford and the father of her son, Matthew Blevins, were once madly in love. However, the Unexpected duo’s relationship didn’t last long. The two had a very messy breakup. There were claims of infidelity, which led Matthew to deny being their unborn son’s father. Despite dealing with a broken heart, Hailey was able to find love again.

After the Unexpected reality star’s breakup, she was left with a tattoo that reminded her of the toxic relationship. While Hailey Tilford was dating Matthew Blevins, she got his name tattooed on her. However, Hailey recently got rid of the tattoo. She covered it up with new ink. She got a tattoo of three birds and a purple feather.

Unexpected: Hailey Tilford

Unexpected Celeb Reveals Lastest Look

Hailey Tilford has been focusing on herself and being the best mom she can be for her son. She has put Matthew Blevins in the past and is looking forward to the future with her new boyfriend, Cole Smith. She and Cole have even been talking about having a baby together.

The Unexpected castmate’s new tattoo isn’t the only change she has made to her look. Hailey Tilford revealed that she got a new hairstyle. She has ditched her brunette with blonde highlights look and went red. However, she didn’t make a significant change to the length of her locks.

Hailey Tilford shared a picture of her new look with her followers online. Many fans were shocked to see her make a drastic change. However, her followers left kind comments about the change she made to her hair.  One fan wrote that the red looks “beautiful” on her. Even Hailey Tomlinson seems to dig the new hairdo. She left heart-eye emojis in the comments section.

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