‘Unexpected’: Matthew Blevins & Hailey Tilford Co-parenting – Cole Smith Heartbroken?

Unexpected stars Matthew Blevins and Hailey Tilford are working on co-parenting their son, Levi, together. Since the birth of their baby, Matthew has denied being the father. So, Hailey’s boyfriend at the time, Cole Smith, stepped up as the father figure. But, seven months later, Matthew seems to have had a change of mind. But, what does that mean for Cole?

Unexpected: Matthew Blevins Meets Son Levi

Matthew Blevins became a father at the age of sixteen. He and the mother of his daughter, Hailey (#1) Tomlinson, couldn’t make their relationship work and split up. Matthew then became a father for the second time after having a baby with his baby mama’s best friend, Hailey Tilford. However, the Unexpected cast member denied being the dad of Hailey #2’s son, Levi. He was not there for the birth and has never met him until now.

Unexpected’s Matthew Blevins recently met his son, Levi, for the first time. Hailey Tilford never thought she would see this happen since Matthew never considered Levi his child. However, Hailey was happy to have Matthew finally meet their baby boy. She even thought that her little one “looks just like his daddy.”

Unexpected: Matthew Blevins - Levi Tilford

Matthew and Hailey Tilford Work on Co-parenting

Matthew Blevins and Hailey Tilford ended their relationship on bad terms. According to Hailey, their relationship was “toxic.” However, the Unexpected young mom didn’t want Matthew to miss out on Levi’s life and wondered if he was ever going to “claim” him as his child. She also didn’t want to have to take him to court for child support.

However, it seems like going to court may not be on the table anymore. After Matthew Blevins from Unexpected met his baby boy, he may have had a change of heart about not being the father. Hailey Tilford and Matthew have come to the decision to try out co-parenting together. But, Hailey claims that this doesn’t mean she and Matthew are getting back together. She just wants to see him better himself and give him a chance to step up.

Unexpected: Hailey Tilford - Cole Smith

Unexpected Celeb’s Ex Cole Smith Out of the Picture?

When baby Levi was born, Hailey Tilford got help raising him from her then-boyfriend Cole Smith. She was grateful to have him in her life since Matthew Blevins wasn’t stepping up as the dad. Cole had been a father figure for Levi and took care of him as if he was his own. But, Hailey and Cole have since broken up.

The Unexpected cast member’s ex-boyfriend, Cole Smith, didn’t react well to seeing Matthew Blevins meet his son. He seemed to be “done” and heartbroken over the situation.

However, Hailey Tilford doesn’t think Cole Smith should have a reason to be sad. She said that Cole will “always be allowed to see Levi” and be a part of his life. Hailey hasn’t kicked Cole out of the picture. She said that he is playing the “victim” and making people “feel bad” for him.

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