‘Unexpected’: Matthew Blevins New Girlfriend Friends with Haileys?

Unexpected‘s Matthew Blevins has a new girlfriend, and TLC viewers wonder if she was friends with Hailey Tilford and Hailey Tomlinson. With his past record, fans say it doesn’t seem like he can find girls that aren’t friends with each other.

Unexpected: Matthew Blevins’ New Girlfriend

Matthew Blevins was hanging out with a new girl recently. Fans of Unexpected saw the new girl and said they wondered if she knew the other Haileys. And if she would be his baby mama number three.

So far, there is no proof that this new mystery girl knows the other Haileys. But Unexpected fans spent plenty of time ragging on Matthew. One of them said that they could smell him through the photo.

In fact, they said that they thought he must smell like stale Fritos, BO, cigarettes, and Juul pods. And other fans said they couldn’t believe Unexpected star Matthew Blevins can get so many girls. But viewers said what he does seem to work for him.

Unexpected: Matthew Blevins

Hailey #1 and Hailey #2 Forgive Matthew

Unexpected cast members had some seriously harsh words for each other at the last Tell-All. And Hailey Tilford and Matthew dropped the big news that there was another baby on the way—with Hailey #2. Since then, they split up, and things went downhill so much so that he’s just the “sperm donor.”

Matthew Blevins didn’t seem to think he did anything wrong. But finally, he came back into his son Levi Blevins’ life. And Hailey #2 will actually say his name—unlike before when she refused to.

Even though Matthew might not be anyone’s favorite person, he seems to be trying now. And in a recent episode of Unexpected, Hailey Tomlinson admitted she and Matthew were sleeping together again. In real-time, this may no longer be the case, but fans said that she should be careful or she would end up pregnant with another baby from him.

Unexpected: Matthew Blevins - Hailey Tomlinson

Unexpected: Being a Teen Father

Matthew didn’t seem to be too upset when he learned he and Hailey Tomlinson would have a baby. In fact, he seemed like business as normal and picked up her friend Hailey Tilford. Now he said he is proud of his two kids and that they have a bond that will never break.

Unexpected star Matthew said he didn’t use protection because he wanted to “get his noodle wet” without any protection. Viewers asked, “Where are these children’s parents?” and said it’s crazy to see these kids sleeping over at each other’s houses.

Matthew Blevins doesn’t show respect and he said the only thing you should fear is yourself. He seems to be pretty sure of himself and loves to show off his tongue ring.

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