‘Unexpected’: McKayla Adkins Calls Hailey Tilford a Thief

Unexpected celeb McKayla Adkins stuck up for Hailey Tilford in the past. But it seems like she regrets her actions now that Hailey did yet another cringe action that TLC fans can’t deal with.

Unexpected: McKayla Adkins Disapproves of Hailey Tilford’s Behavior

Hailey Tilford upset Unexpected fans recently with some bad behavior. Even McKayla Adkins said she felt bad for sticking up for Hailey. Most of the time, McKayla could understand some of the decisions she made – but not this one.

Unexpected mom Hailey Tilford asked fans if they knew anyone that could cartoon one of her pictures. An unsuspecting fan did it for her, and Hailey thanked her. She then told her she wanted to put it on a hoody for her and Levi Tilford.

The artist said they wanted Hailey to put their signature on the hoodies. But Hailey Tilford said she already ordered the hoodies and couldn’t do it. And one fan even showed where she had put the image up for sale.

Unexpected: McKayla Adkins

McKayla Focuses on Building a Better Life

Unexpected star McKayla has had her own questionable situations. But fans said she has never stolen anything from a fan. So, they agree that the Hailey situation is a new low for moms from the TLC show.

McKayla Adkins sells photos online and said she is doing well, so she doesn’t plan on stopping. McKayla said she feels good about what she’s doing now. And she is able to provide for her children, so there isn’t anything wrong with what she’s doing.

Unexpected star McKayla also has a boyfriend who seems to be supportive. Since her nose job, she is much happier with the way her face looks. And she said that people shouldn’t hate on her for the life she lives.

Unexpected: Hailey Tilford

Unexpected: Hailey Tells Fans to Drop It

Hailey Tilford didn’t seem to understand how bad it was to take someone’s art, use it, and try to sell it. Unexpected fans joked and asked where the “Walmart lawyers” were now. And she said if people didn’t leave her alone about the art thing, she would stop talking to them.

The artist said she wished she’d never helped her. But it seems like Hailey Tilford did give the artist credit for the image now. Despite this, most fans of Unexpected agree that they don’t want to stick up for Hailey’s bad actions anymore.

Hailey said that she doesn’t want people all up in her business anymore. But she can’t stop putting herself back in the spotlight with her bad actions. Fans of Unexpected said they don’t understand what she’s trying to do these days, and they hope the artist at least gets some recognition from the situation.

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