TLC ‘Unexpected’: Chloe Mendoza Getting Dental Surgery? – Making Changes to Her Smile

TLC Unexpected star Chloe Mendoza has decided that she will be making changes in her mouth. Chloe dealt with annoying braces when she was in grade school. She was content with the results. But, getting negative comments from viewers about her teeth was hard for her to deal with. Chloe didn’t want to listen to the hate. However, after starting college it is something that she is ready to do.

TLC Unexpected: Chloe Mendoza Suffers from Dental Problems

Chloe Mendoza took to social media to share all the struggles she went through with her teeth. The Unexpected TLC parent said in a youtube video that she had braces on her top teeth when she was in the sixth grade. However, she didn’t get any put on the bottom. Since that meant she would need to get a surgery done to her jaw.

The Unexpected cast member was happy with her smile when the braces were taken off. Chloe Mendoza felt more confident. She said that she didn’t care that the bottom row wasn’t straight. Since they looked much better than they did before. However, she thought differently when the TV show came out. Chloe’s relationship with the father of her child, Max Schenzel also went through tough times due to being on the show.

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Chloe Mendoza was perfectly fine with her appearance until she was a part of the cast of Unexpected. She said that a lot of people would leave her hurtful comments about her teeth. Chloe never felt the need to address them. Since they didn’t bother her. She was more focused on being a mom to Ava and being a girlfriend to Max Schenzel. But, seeing all the negative things people were saying made Chloe hate herself.

After receiving so many mean remarks, the Unexpected TV star started to regret not getting the jaw surgery from the start. Chloe Mendoza said that she was so afraid to go ahead and get the procedure. So, she never did. Chloe said that she wasn’t going to do something just because people were telling her to. But, now she is a freshman in college. Chloe is ready to make some changes.

Chloe Mendoza Getting Dental Procedure

Chloe Mendoza will not have to go back to the orthodontist. She has decided to get clear aligners to straighten her smile. She said that aligners are cheaper. Being a young mother to Ava can get expensive. The Unexpected reality celeb is going with a company that is promising her the best results. But, in order to perfect her smile, she is once again dealing with another dilemma.

The Unexpected mom was told that if she is to fix her overbite she will have to remove a tooth or two. Chloe Mendoza was given two options. She can either take out one from her front bottom row. The other option is to get one tooth from each side on the top taken out. Ultimately, Chloe chose to remove her front bottom tooth. At least she doesn’t have to go through any surgery. Surely, Ava and Max Schenzel will be happy to see Chloe feeling confident again.

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