TLC ‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown’s Tweet Adds Mystery to Her Marriage Doubts on Next Episode

TLC Sister Wives star Robyn Brown looks as if she has some ideas about marriage in the next episode when she says everyone has the right to leave. On top of this quip, Robyn also took to Twitter to offer some private history.

Robyn Brown shared what it took for her to fall in love with the Sister Wives patriarch. But that didn’t seem to fare well for Kody Brown. It sounds as if her love for Kody came after she set her sights on the family.

TLC Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Knows What It’s Like To Want Out of a Marriage

After Sunday’s episode fans hopped online to comment on how Robyn seemed to wear the pants in the family. That’s after the youngest Sister Wives spouse shot down Kody Brown’s comments a few times. She did this as he went off on a tangent about houses and finances. Robyn Brown quipped that her shared-husband created a “whiplash” situation.

In the timeframe of this episode, the Vegas houses sit unsold, Kody’s fear kicks in and he suggests they may have to move back to Nevada. Of course, fans who follow the Sister Wives family know that doesn’t happen. These episodes filmed over a year ago and show Kody Brown and his wives settling in Flagstaff.

Robyn Brown Concerned?

But Robyn Brown seems concerned. She gets serious with the TLC Sister Wives cameras in the next episode. Robyn shares how she knows what it’s like to be married and not want to be in that marriage anymore. She was divorced with three kids when she became part of the Sister Wives.

She was the last wife to enter into the Sister Wives plural marriage. Robyn also said that everyone has the right to leave. She specifically mentions – even Kody. So where is she going with this? Does this hint to someone jumping ship? Probably not – but it offers drama.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown

TLC Editing Or Wife With One Foot Out the Door?

Robyn Brown speaks to the Sister Wives camera in the next episode. This comes on the heels of turmoil over dropping prices of their Vegas houses. Sure, housing woes held the viewers’ interest through an episode or two. But fans also said on social media this dragged on long enough.

On the next new episode in two weeks, TLC Sister Wives continue with this one-big house saga again. They also offer more on their financial woes. This time, Robyn says the part about the “right and freedom” to walk away from a marriage. That’s any marriage.

First, the camera captures Robyn’s spiel on her experience with being in a marriage she wants to leave. Then, it jumps to Robyn specifying Kody. But she may be talking about her last marriage – or one of Kody Brown’s marriages.

According to one of the Sister Wives, TLC made a recent scene look more serious than it was. Christine Brown tweeted that edits made her look like she gave Kody a “bratty” response. Now, the promo sounds like Robyn or Kody could walk away from the marriage. Sounds like more Sister Wives edits for drama.

Sister Wives: Does This Tweet Offer a Clue?

Robyn live tweeted with Sunday night’s episode. She offered insight on how she fell in love with Kody Brown. The youngest wife from the Sister Wives tribe said she loved the family and the polygamous culture first. That was “before” her feelings for Kody developed.

So, Robyn Brown clearly loves the big plural family and fell for that first. Yet the promo showed her talking about people being free to leave a marriage. So, brace yourself. Because Sister Wives episodes are often much milder than the promos suggest. And it’s all hyped up to keep viewers tuned in.

In the end, Robyn Brown might have been talking about her last marriage and how she felt trapped and wouldn’t want anyone to feel that way. Whether they were in a traditional or plural marriage. TLC Sister Wives is back in two weeks, on Sunday, February 9, on TLC. Next week skips since it’s Super Bowl Sunday.

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