‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Baby Talk Has Kids Acting Like ‘Jerks’ Robyn Claims – What Next?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown seemed to embarrass Robyn Brown on the last episode with his baby-making spiel but she wasn’t alone. The older kids spoke out as soon as the Sister Wives patriarch came out with his empty nest woes. Still, Robyn defended her husband after she said some of the kids acted like “jerks” toward their father.

Last week’s episode with Kody’s ideas of a big house and possibly more Sister Wives babies isn’t done. On this Sunday’s new episode, Kody Brown pushes his ideas onto anyone who will listen within the family. He also wears an outfit that makes him stick out in the crowd. Either way, it seems like Kody vies for the attention and he gets it.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Goes Too Far With Testosterone Update?

Sitting among the Sister Wives crowd in last week’s episode was Maddie Brown Brush. She just found out she’s expecting her second child. That reveal takes place on this new episode Sunday night. So Kody’s second grandchild is on the way and he’s talking about having another baby himself.

Kody also boasted about his testosterone level and washboard abs with the family. This wasn’t the time or the place, Robyn Brown suggested later to the Sister Wives camera. It seems Robyn felt a bit embarrassed because he brought this up with the entire family.

Then Robyn Brown went on to defend her Sister Wives’ husband and his pride in his virility. She shared how some of the kids have been “jerks” about their dad and his thoughts on having more kids. Kody only pointed out that he’s still young enough to have more kids, Robyn Brown said.

This week along with the aftermath of his surprise reveals, Janelle Brown has one for Kody. When his second wife starts talking about slashing the Vegas home prices, Kody’s ears perk up. This isn’t good news for any of the Sister Wives homeowners.

Robyn Brown Looks to Satisfy Angels – Kody Hones In On His Ego

Not all the Sister Wives women agree with Kody Brown’s big house. But Robyn had a different scenario on her hands last week. Robyn Brown had the possibility of Kody wanting more children on her shoulders.

But as she worried about an angel out there meant to be another child for the Brown family, it was the opposite for Kody. The Sister Wives’ dad suggested it might be his ego that drives his need for more kids.

In this up-and-coming episode, Kody seems to make sure he gets noticed. Although when he gives a shout-out for his family to check out his huge house blueprints, it looks futile.

The camera pans to the Sister Wives clan in the kitchen and it looks as if he’s ignored. But this is TLC and the editing can make it look almost the opposite of how it eventually plays out.

One thing you can’t help but notice is Kody Brown’s Ape sweater. It resembles something you might see at an ugly sweater contest. The sweater is garnished with images of gorillas in a Christmas theme.

There’s sure to be a story spun around his choice of attire on Sunday night’s episode. Kody Brown wears that sweater in the picture below.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Sister Wives: The Aftermath

It seems Kody rattled his Sister Wives family last week with his dreams of a big house and more kids. This week fans get to see the aftermath of Kody’s holiday handiwork. The holiday isn’t over yet, they have Christmas dinner to get through while visions of a new way of life seemingly dance in Kody Brown’s head.

Not only did Kody expect to herd his family together under one roof, but he thought about an escape for himself. He suggested building a cabin all his own so when things got overwhelming so he could get away. This idea didn’t leave the runway before jaws dropped.

Christine Brown was quick to see the irony in Kody Brown’s private home. She feels her Sister Wives shared-husband already knows this big house won’t work for any of them – Kody Brown included.

Who Reaps All the Benefits?

Kody Brown wants a change for his plural marriage. The leader of the Sister Wives tribe wants all his family under one roof. When the going gets tough he’ll get going – all by himself. Life is stressful for the husband of four and father of 18, he claims. Everyone wants something from him and it seems this overwhelming popularity wears on a fellow.

But where do his wives’ retreat? Janelle explains to the camera how they all feel the same way sometimes. Kody’s spiel turns out a bit on the odd side for his second wife. He wants all his Sister Wives family together but when it gets too stressful for him, he’d like his own house to get away from it all. It looks like Kody reaps many benefits from his plan.

Kody’s bizarre new vision for housing is the Sister Wives gift that keeps giving for drama anyway. TLC enticed the viewers back to the Sister Wives this Sunday after the two bombshells Kody dropped last week. The conversation for his big house and possible baby-making plans sound unfinished. So, it looks like Kody picks up where he left off last week.

Tune in to TLC on Sunday night to watch where Kody Brown leads his Sister Wives clan next.

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