‘Tiger King’: Celebrity Fans of Netflix Show Cosplay as Joe Exotic – Stallone, Leto & More

Tiger King on Netflix – and Joe Exotic – are keeping everyone trapped at home for the lockdown amused – and that includes a pile of celebrities, too. The memes are out of control and now celebs can’t stop poking fun at Joe Exotic. And their pictures keep getting funnier. Celebs from Sylvestor and Sistine Stallone to Paris Hilton are getting in on the fun.

Tiger King: Fan Favorites Are Dressing Up Like the Crew

While we all know Sylvester Stallone is known for his serious movie roles, he’s still up for fun. Now, Sylvester Stallone dressed up to look like Jeff Lowe from Tiger King. Fans say he makes a good Jeff Lowe. Not everyone wants to be king and some of the other roles fit celebs better.

Sylvester Stallone’s wife, Jennifer Flavin, is done up as an over-the-top Carole Baskin. And their gorgeous three daughters, Sistine, Scarlet, and Sophia Stallone are cross-playing as Joe Exotic and some of his posse.

Each day, more celebs job on the Tiger King bandwagon and entertain fans who are stuck at home with nothing to do.

Tiger King: Stallone Family

Jard Leto Shows Off His Stuffed Tiger as Joe Exotic

Oscar-winning actor Jared Leto thinks he’s the perfect Tiger King. He even made a hashtag – #jaredletotigerking. Fans agree in the comments that Jared is indeed the king. Leto tweeted to fans that he was watching the Netflix series for his cinema club. And, he shared that he’d already seen seven episodes and that fans should be ready for a wild ride.

Tiger King: Jared Leto

Leto continued to tweet about the fashion choices in the show. He also gave Netflix a shoutout for their well-made docuseries, Tiger King. But don’t forget, celebs like Dax Shepard and Edward Norton are openly lobbying for a role in the new Joe Exotic-based movie set to start filming.

Tiger King: Dax Shepard

Dax flat-out photoshopped himself in as Joe from the iconic shot featured on the show. But, Edward Norton said he’d give him a run for his money to capture the coveted role.

Fans Say Paris Hilton Brings the Sex Appeal to Tiger King Trend

The Netflix series wasn’t without its sexy characters. Many fans are still buzzing about Jeff Lowe and Lauren Lowe’s nanny. But Paris decided to take it to the next level with her sassy tiger apparel. She channeled her best Carole Baskin vibe with the one-piece outfit.

Fans say they can always count on Paris to bring the sexy no matter what the situation is. While Paris doesn’t say she wants a part in the new Tiger King biopic, fans love her tiger vibes.

Paris Hilton

What Other Celebs Will Embrace Tiger King?

As Tiger King on Netflix remains one of the most popular hot topics, who else is going to jump on board? In light of the show’s popularity, it seems more people are watching, which makes it grow even more popular. Some celebrities refuse to watch the Netflix docuseries saying they don’t want to encourage this type of behavior. But that’s not slowing down the Joe Exotic show.

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