‘The Masked Singer’: And the Leopard Is… Theories Run Rampant Online

The Masked Singer has theories running wild as viewers attempt to peg just who the celebs might be behind those elaborate costumes. As the second season of the runaway hit continues the Leopard is the topic of debate online.

If you’re looking for spoilers for this show, forget about it. This show’s security is just too tight. It seems they guard the identities of The Masked Singer contestants similar to how they guard the gold in Fort Knox.

Dr. Drew Pinsky shared the experience he had on The Masked Singer as the Eagle, which was unmasked last week. What went in to guard his identity is described as intense by Dr. Drew. But fans know it’s him now as apparently he didn’t wow the viewers with his Meatloaf tune.

The Masked Singer: Security Beefed Up to the Max

After going up against the Pequin last week, it was the Eagle that left The Masked Singer. But the security this Fox show put in place was unbelievable, according to this famous TV doctor.

Dr. Drew said his secret identity for The Masked Singer started at his own front door. They take you out in a hoodie and a mask. You are in all white so everyone looks the same. They keep you all covered up so even the color of your skin is not seen. This keeps your race unknown so there’s not a clue of your identity coming anywhere from you.

But most of all you have to remain silent even if someone speaks to you. He could say nothing until he entered his trailer. Once led out of the trailer and to the stage, he still couldn’t say anything. The first words out of his mouth were the lyrics of the song he sang.

Keeping quiet was a challenge but he found not being able to show The Masked Singer staff any gratitude extremely hard. He couldn’t say thank you for anything they did. The only one he could communicate with was a producer. Then they could go offer a word of thanks on his behalf.

The Masked Singer: The Leopard

Who Is Inside the Leopard Costume?

So this Wednesday night another singer will find himself or herself unmasked. But who are these people? One of the most talked-about contestants fromThe Masked Singer online today is the leopard. Who is in that costume? People aren’t sure if the Leopard harbors a man or a woman inside.

The theories spun over who is concealed in the Leopard costume run rampant online today.  So what do The Mask Singer clues offer about the Leopard? The person inside the costume has a British accent and outstanding eyes. The costume is designed so the silhouette of the Leopard won’t tell you if this is a man or a woman.

The clue package says the celeb who is sporting the Leopard costume has been “spotted with the President”. The background music in the clip introducing the Leopard comes from “The Sims”. The clues also offer how the Leopard is “extremely famous” and has a “cool style”.

The Masked Singer: Is it Brendon Urie of Panic or RuPaul?

The unique voice spouting forth from the Leopard has created a few camps that offer a few unique theories. The identity of The Masked Singer contestant inside a spotted cat costume might be Panic at the Disco’s Brendon Urie. Or so a bunch of online detectives surmises. He did perform with Obama as his audience at one time.

RuPaul is another guess popping up today. The Masked Singer contestant dressed like a Leopard spun the RuPaul theory as well. But this was based on the contestant’s performance only. Check out the clue video below for some hints about the identity of Leopard.

Billy Porter is Wishful Thinking But Seal Gaining Steam

It looks like Billy Porter also gets the vote from a good number of The Masked Singer viewers. This theory doesn’t fly with everyone but the Emmy-winner Porter does have quite a few people thinking it’s him inside the Leopard mascarade.

It seems the theory gaining the most attention today is coming from the camp who thinks it’s Seal inside that Leopard costume. While the spotted with the President clue doesn’t seem to fit with Seal, one astute fan found a play on words that might work.

Maybe the clue means the White House seal. That would fit the bill, so The Masked Singer hiding beneath the Leopard costume might just be Seal. Also in the clue video, a newspaper’s headline contains the word “crazy,” which is the title of one of Seal’s songs.

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