‘The Masked Singer’: Grandpa Monster Is Unmasked – Who Could It Be?

The Masked Singer star Grandpa Monster has stolen the fan’s hearts, but now his identity is revealed. Who is under the mask and now has to go home after two performances?

The Masked Singer: Grandpa Monster Is Who?

The Masked Singer competitor Grandpa Monster gets unmasked for all to see. He may not be recognizable to everyone. He was kicked off his social media for posting inappropriate content, and he hoped no one would judge him. Grandpa Monster is a very controversial person, and fans double-take when the mask comes off. But he says that he has learned from the error of his ways and wants to start anew.

Grandpa Monster removes his mask to show Logan Paul was his true identity. One of the judges was on to him. Judge Nicole Scherzinger actually guessed Logan’s brother Jake Paul. His name is definitely nowhere near his competitors, but younger viewers may recognize him from their social media.

The Masked Singer: Grandpa Monster - Niecy Nash

FOX’s Hidden Character Hints

The Masked Singer features Grandpa Monster and his voice. The hints the show provided helped the judges get there to get to the person under the mask. Grandpa Monster says that when he was younger, he would do a lot of things to get attention and couldn’t believe how childish he would act. It wasn’t until he got older that he realized acting like a fool would get him nowhere in life.

Grandpa Monster sheds his head. Logan Paul is underneath the mask. The terrible things Logan did in the past has him banned from many social media sites. He tried rebranding himself as a boxer and is going up against Floyd Mayweather. So it looks like it’s a good thing he is done singing because he has some training to do.

The Masked Singer: Logan Paul

The Masked Singer: Grandpa Monster’s Performance

Grandpa Monster from The Masked Singer stole the show with his performance of “Bad Reputation” by Joan Jett. He always makes it known that even though he is in an old man costume, that doesn’t mean he is old. Grandpa Monster is moving around the stage like a young person. He sings about how he doesn’t care about his bad rep so he can start fresh. He wants to use the show as a way to show that he is not such a bad guy. Time will tell if it works.

Logan Paul comes beside very big names. Kermit the Frog, Caitlyn Jenner, and Danny Trejo. The question remains, though. Who’s next? The Masked Singer has its fair share of surprises, and each week it just seems to top itself. Also, excitement is growing between fans on what happens next.

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