‘The Masked Singer’: Who Is Hiding Behind The Snail?

The Masked Singer star The Snail has performed his heart out, and now people wonder who he is. Well, they took his helmet off, and who leaped out made jaws drop.

The Masked Singer: Who Is The Snail?

The Masked Singer personality The Snail has taken his helmet off. And it’s truly someone the judges wouldn’t expect. They didn’t even think he was an option. The Snail would have made for an amazing reveal later in the season, but sadly his time came to an end on the show after his first performance. This is upsetting because he is such a talented singer.

The crowd sang their ritual song who are you and his top hat came off. But to the crowd’s shock, no one was there when the hat came off. Everyone stopped and stared, confused at they what they thought was an empty costume. But the person playing The Snail stood up and made jaws drops. Kermit the Frog popped out, and fans couldn’t believe their eyes.

The Masked Singer: The Snail - Niecy Nash

FOX’s Star Behind the Mask

The Masked Singer has only revealed one star so far, and that is The Snail. The clues were vague but just enough to give it away. The Snail talks about how he is well known and how he’s a frog of all trades. He’s rubbed elbows with people like Robert De Niro and Michelle Obama. He even talks about his time on the stage at the Oscars.

The Snail reveals that he has acted, directed, and produced. And all his life, he’s been under scrutiny from lots of critics. He says after years of supporting the great actors and performers around him, he’s ready to shine on his own. Also, he ends his clues with a cute remark saying he is ready to snail it!

The Masked Singer: Kermit the Frog

The Masked Singer: The Snail’s Performance

The Snail from The Masked Singer shook America, being the first reveal of the season. Ken Jeong stated that this is by far the most famous singer they have had on the show and will be the most famous they will ever have. When Kermit the frog hopped out of the costume, the only thought can be, of course. He performed his very own take on “You Make My Dreams [Come True]” by Hall & Oats.

He slithered all over the stage in the costume but unfortunately did not make the cut. At the end of the night, America ended up voting out Kermit the Snail. He stated he was a little sad but just grateful to be there and have fun. Also, Kermit is the first reveal of the season. Who else will follow behind him?

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