‘The Masked Singer’: The Bulldog Revealed but Will Remain On Show

The Masked Singer wildcard The Bulldog was revealed, but it was someone no one was expecting. The person behind the mask will actually remain on the show.

The Masked Singer: Cut the Bull, Who’s The Bulldog?

The Masked Singer personality, The Bulldog, unmasked just minutes after his performance. This sometimes happens when a new person just doesn’t beat out the competition that’s been there the whole time. The amount of characters in the competition has to stay at five, so wildcards even out the odds. But no one could guess who was hiding under the golden puppy mask.

The end of the show was a twist because America didn’t get to decide who goes home. It was the guest host Niecy Nash. She explains that she will pick the person forced to unmask and pick she did. But the amount of shock when the mask came down shook the audience. Under the head was the true host of the show Nick Cannon.

The Masked Singer: The Bulldog - Niecy Nash

FOX’s Host Swapped Spots

The Masked Singer character, the Bulldog, was very short-lived. But of course, it gives Nick Cannon a chance to come back to his rightful spot on the stage. When season five took off, Niecy Nash was announced as the guest host for an undetermined amount of time. This is because Nick Cannon was sick with the COVID-19 virus. But the question of if he was coming back this season or not remained.

Nick took this opportunity to become a contestant himself and see what it was like under the mask. After Niecy picked the bulldog and unmasked Nick, his shot at the crown was over. But he says don’t worry because he will take his original role as host of the show from now on. Niecy Nash thanked the judges and audience for allowing her to take over but was all smiles letting Nick come back. Things start back up with Nick on episode six of the season.

The Masked Singer: Nick Cannon

The Masked Singer: The Bulldog’s Performance

The Bulldog from The Masked Singer came out with a tough puppy exterior. He was so sweet with his performance, though. He sang his version of “Candy Girl” by New Edition. When it was revealed that Nick Cannon was the one singing the song, jaw’s dropped. Nick says he was truly trying to make it to the end of the show. He also says that his guest host Niecy Nash did a great job up until she picked him to unmask.

A total of five characters unmasked so far, and they have truly been famous names. Kermit the Frog, Caitlyn Jenner, Danny Trejo, and Logan Paul. Who is taking their mask off next?

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