‘The Masked Singer’ Spoilers: Who Are The Celebs In The Costumes?

The Masked Singer aired its second episode Wednesday night sparking a buzz online as viewers tried to guess the identity of the celebs behind the masks. Well-known celebs dressed in elaborate costumes to perform on stage. Furthermore, the audience has to guess who they are. But there’s more to it than that.

The clues supplied by the masked celebrities jar your thoughts. The celebrity judges are tasked with asking The Masked Singer contestants questions to get those clues. The judges include Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, Robin Thicke, and Nicole Scherzinger. They also make a guess at who these celebrities might be.

Twitter users debated the clues presented. They also offered a large variety of guesses online about the identity of the celebs behind the masks.

The Masked Singer – Who is Behind the Mask?

It looks like the costumes donned by The Masked Singer celebrities also hold clues to the identity of the person behind the mask. The celebs took to the stage last night and each individual belted out a song. Many of these strange looking creatures wowed the masses with their vocals.

It didn’t take long for viewers to hop online and make a guess. Many believe they know the identity of the celeb behind the mask of the Rabbit, Bee, Raven, Alien, the Poodle and more.

Pineapple Lost – Unmasked to Reveal… Who?

The Pineapple was the biggest loser on last night’s The Masked Singer. He had to unmask on stage. When the mask came off it was none other than comedian Tommy Chong, who emerged from that fruity costume.

Chong is best known for his decades of delivering laughter as one-half of the Cheech and Chong famous comedy duo. Chong was the second celeb unmasked on the show. On last week’s The Masked Singer, it was Pittsburgh Steeler Antonio Brown in a Hippo disguise that lost.

The Peacock Best Guess – Michael Jackson’s Good Friend

The Peacock offered clues starting with how he “performed at a young age.” This celeb called the late Michael Jackson one of his closest friends.

Also, The Masked Singer Peacock claims “It’s probably been a while since your mom had a poster of me on her bedroom wall.” It looks like Donny Osmond jumps ahead. He’s the frontrunner as folks guess at the Peacock’s identity online.

The Raven Best Guess – ‘Cry Baby’

The Masked Singer fans took to Twitter to make their best guess on the masked Raven’s identity. The celeb in this bird-like disguise hinted to her past as a talk show host. Another hint indicated that she recently lost a loved one.

She used the term “cry baby” as a hint. After the clues were revealed it looks like Rikki Lake is hands-down the frontrunner among the guesses shared by the audience online.

Fans believe that it’s Ricki Lake under that costume, as she’s not only known as hosting a talk show, but she did recently lose her ex-husband. Christian Evans, Lake’s ex, took his own life last year. Lake also starred in the musical Cry Baby.

The Rabbit Best Guesses…

The Rabbit donned a straight jacket as part of this costume. Clues suggested The Masked Singer celeb dressed like a rabbit might be part of a past famous boy band.

The Rabbit’s clue package seems to hint to NSYNC. Fans guessed that possibly JC Chasez hid underneath that Rabbit costume. Ah… but some think the Rabbit is Joey Fatone from the same boy band.

The Alien Big Debate

The Alien hinted that it was impossible for her family members to disguise themselves while out in public. This celebrity’s hints included growing up in the spotlight and belonging to a family where she has many sisters.

The Alien set off the guessing game with a “Kardashian – Jenner” sister as the front runner of guesses. The Masked Singer guesses on the Alien pointed to Kourtney Kardashian or her little sister Kendall Jenner. Ah… but Gold Derby is convinced the Alien is La Toya Jackson.

The Bee Guess Trended on Social Media

The Bee blew up on social media last night when The Masked Singer followers thought for sure they knew who was under that costume. She shared how she returned to the stage under the disguise as the Bee to see if she still has what it takes.

She’s been singing since the 1950s. This was one hint that got the fans buzzing about the Bee. Guesses included the iconic divas of the past like Diana Ross and Tina Turner. The show’s fans seem to favor Gladys Knight. It was also Gladys Knight’s name that trended a lot on social media last night.

The Poodle – Who Can This Be?

The Poodle had folks scratching their heads. A Poodle hint suggests she hails from a musical family. Furthermore, this celeb’s fame also comes from something else. She hinted at possibly being a member of the LGBTQ community and mentioned San Francisco.

Freedom of speech is near and dear to the Poodle who stumped the fans over her identity. Fans threw the name Margaret Cho, the comedian, into the hat as well as Kelly Osbourne. But no one is confident enough to say for sure who The Masked Singer is in the Poodle getup.

The Monster Best Guess …

The Masked Singer dressed as the Monster stumped the viewers. Judge Jenny McCarthy’s best guess of Sean Combs didn’t fly. But it looks like T-Pain gets the most mentions online. What do you think about the celeb wrapped up as the Monster? Is that T-Pain?

The Lion is – Umm…

The Lion just might be… Rumer Willis. The Masked Singer celebrity in the Lion costume offered up enough clues for fans to make this guesstimate.

Her clues led fans to believe she’s the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. The Lion’s clues lit up the social media sites and it appears most folks think it’s Rumer behind that lion’s mask.

Who Are The Masked Singer Celebs?

It looks like The Masked Singer has collected an enthusiastic audience as the second episode aired last night.

Tune in to Fox on Wednesday nights to watch these masked singers and make your best guess on who’s underneath the disguises on stage.

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