‘The Little Couple’: Jennifer Arnold Celebrates Zoey’s Heritage

The Little Couple star Jennifer Arnold helped her daughter Zoey Klein embrace and celebrate her Indian heritage this weekend. She made it a family affair to celebrate the culture and country in which her youngest child was born. It’s not easy to celebrate holidays during a pandemic. However, Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein certainly found a way to make this year’s festivities memorable for all, especially Zoey.

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold And Zoey Klein Celebrate Diwali

The Little Couple parents Jennifer Klein and Bill Klein always make sure they teach their children about the countries they were born in. Now, this weekend was the start of the special Indian holiday of Diwali. It’s a five-day festival that coincides with the Hindu New Year. It is the holiest month in the Hindu calendar.

The Little Couple family made the holiday as special as possible for Zoey Klein. Both Zoey and her mom Jennifer wore traditional Indian Saris. Both ladies Saris were beautifully embossed. You can tell they were custom ordered especially for this occasion.

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold - Zoey Klein

The Kleins Feast For Diwali

The Kleins went all out for Diwali this year. The Little Couple celebs sparred no expensive for their holiday feast. Big brother Will Klein certainly enjoyed celebrating his sister’s heritage. They do a similar type of celebration for him each February for the Chinese New Year.

The family had an elaborate spread of all the traditional Indian foods eaten on the holiday. Their table is filled with rice, naan bread, and several curry-based entrees. Certainly, a well thought out Indian menu. Zoey’s all smiles as she enjoys the tastes of her native India.

The Little Couple: Zoey Klein

The Little Couple: New Season Still On Hold

Fans of The Little Couple are anxious for the Kleins to return for another season. Season 14  finished airing in September 2019. The family usually starts films in the summer. Then they continue through the fall for its next season. However, this year this wasn’t the case. The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic changed the course for everyone, including the Klein family.

Many TLC families returned to filming this summer. However, Jennifer Arnold is not comfortable having a film crew in her home at this time. Jennifer has a compromised immune system. Recall she’s a cancer survivor. Also, all four of the Kleins are more suspectable to the virus. So, for now, plans to film are indefinitely on hold.

Hopefully, soon Bill and Jennifer will be ready to welcome the cameras back to film their lives. Until then, fans only have social media updates to see what’s happening with The Little Couple family.

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