‘The Little Couple’: Zoey Klein Turns 9 – See How She’s Been Spending Her Time

The Little Couple star Zoey Klein just celebrated her ninth birthday. It’s a very different and scaled-down birthday celebration this year. Zoey’s party was just her immediate family thanks to COVID-19. So, it was a quarantine style birthday for Zoey this year. However, the birthday girl still enjoyed all the extra attention from her family. Plus there was cake!

The Little Couple Update: Zoey Klein Turns Nine

The Little Couple cutie TLC’s Zoey Klein has grown up right in front of our eyes. It’s hard to believe the shy toddler we met back in 2013 is the same energetic scene-stealer we see now on her family’s reality TV show. Certainly, Zoey has adapted well to her new life in the United States with her doting parents Jennifer Arnold and Bill Kein. Of course, her big brother Will Klein also adores his baby sister. In fact, the two siblings are the best of friends.

The Little Couple’s Zoey Kelin celebrated her birthday with just her mom, dad, and brother. After all, it’s a crazy time for the world especially in Florida where Zoey Klein and her family live. So for now the celebration might be small due to COVID restrictions and Jennifer’s compromised immune system, however, next year’s big double-digit birthday bash should more than compensate for this year’s family-only party.

The Little Couple: Zoey Klein

Birthday Serenade By The Men In Her Life

The Little Couple family makes a big deal about birthdays. It’s all hands on deck to shower the guest of honor with love. This year Zoey’s song was lead by her big brother Will with a little help from her dad. Of course, the serenade was captured on video by proud momma Jen who also joined in on the sing-along.

The Klein kids added their own spin on the song. They added a “cha-cha-cha” after verses. Certainly, they find fun and creative ways to keep themselves entertained. Zoey Klein’s birthday cake was her favorite flavor of chocolate. It was decorated with nine rainbow-colored candles, with a 10th for good luck. Of course, Will helped his little sis blow out all the candles.

The Little Couple: Zoey Klein - Will Klein

The Little Couple: Zoey Klein Enjoys Beach Time

The Little Couple daughter Zoey Klein had a fun-filled summer. Despite the limited interactions with others outside her family, Zoey still managed to spend her days enjoying the beach. Just like her mom, Zoey has a love for all things coastal and beachy. Since the Kleins live in sunny Florida, their summer is still going strong.

Hopefully, soon we’ll see a return of the Kleins to TLC’s schedule with a new season of The Little Couple. Currently, they’re not filming, but as soon as they feel it’s safe to have a camera crew in their home they certainly look forward to filming another season of their hit reality show.

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