‘The Little Couple’: Zoey Klein’s Huge Milestone

The Little Couple’s Zoey Klein‘s parents Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein, celebrate a huge milestone in their family’s life. This week, the Kleins recall when they traveled to India seven years ago to meet their little girl just months after adopting their first son Will Klein. Zoey was the missing piece in their hearts and family. Now seven years later, the family cannot imagine their lives without their spunky princess.

The Little Couple: Zoey Klein Makes The Family Complete

The Little Couple’s Jennifer Arnold and her husband, Bill Klein, knew they always wanted to be parents. They tried for years to have a child of their own. However, after Jennifer’s cancer diagnosis and treatment, the couple decided to pursue their parenthood dreams via adoption. The couple adopted their oldest son Will Klein from China, and then within a few months, they got the call about Zoey. So, of course, they jumped on the chance to add a daughter to complete their family.

The Little Couple parents flew to India to met the little girl who immediately stole their heats. At first, Zoey was quite shy and timid with her new parents. She warmed up quickly to Jennifer, but bonding with her dad took a little longer. Now there’s no mistaking Zoey’s has her father wrapped around her finger. She certainly is a daddy’s girl.

Yet, she enjoys spending time with her mother, Jennifer doing the mommy-daughter day activities. Plus, Zoey Klein and her big brother have become the best of friends. The quarantine certainly bonded this family more than ever.

The Little Couple: Bill Klein - Zoey Klein - Will Klein

Zoey’s Memorable Summer

The Little Couple family managed to give their kids a fun-filled summer even though they spent it socially distanced from most of their family and friends. Zoey Klein, like her momma Jennifer, loves the beach. Jennifer passed her love of all things coastal to her only daughter. Since the Kleins live in Florida, they enjoy the sun and sand pretty much year-round. Of course, the beach lends its self to socially distancing. So both Zoey and her brother spent a lot of time at the beach enjoying their school vacation.

Additionally, The Little Couple’s Zoey Klein celebrated her ninth birthday just a few weeks ago. Her dad and Will serenaded her as she blew out the candles on her birthday cake. Zoey also spent a special day doing one of her other favorite things. Jennifer took Zoey to ride and care for ponies. Of course, Zoey loved this activity and immediately asked her mom if she could keep the pony.

The Little Couple: Zoey Klein

The Little Couple: Jennifer Klein Marks The Occasion

The Little Couple mom of two Jennifer Arnold is emotional over the seven years she’s been Zoey Klein’s momma. She’s blessed that TLC’s cameras documented their journey. So, of course, Jennifer feels watching the Gotcha Day episode is the perfect way to commemorate the anniversary.

It’s certainly been fun watching the infant they adopted seven years ago blossom it this full of life energetic little girl. Fans agree the gotcha episodes of The Little Couple are among their most favorite of the series. Hopefully, soon the Klein family will resume production for another season so we all can continue to watch their journey.

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