‘The Little Couple’: Jennifer Arnold’s Health Plus COVID-19 Delay Season 15

The Little Couple star Jennifer Arnold‘s health is likely the main reason for a delay in production for season 15 of her family’s popular TLC show. Fans have watched Jennifer Arnold and her husband Bill Klein for over a decade. As the seasons progressed we all watched as the pair shared their lives with us.

We witnessed the fighting spirit of Jennifer as she battled cancer. We also saw an amazing joy as they adopted their son Will Klein and daughter Zoey Klein. So it goes without question that fans of the series are anxious to learn when the Klein family reality show will return to TLC’s schedule. Here’s what we know so far.

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold’s Immune System Is Compromised

The Little Couple alum Jennifer Arnold is a cancer survivor. So that means she has a compromised immune system. Since we are still dealing with the  Coronavirus pandemic, she must take extra precautions to keep herself and her family safe. Recall Jennifer is also a medical doctor. So she’s well educated on best practices for her family to reduce their risk and exposure.

Jennifer Arnold is a big proponent of mask-wearing. Jen sees that as a great way to protect herself from the virus. Also, The Little Couple personality is careful her children understand the importance of proper hand washing. Along with social distancing, doing all these things so far has kept her family healthy.

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold

TLC Stars Not Currently Filming

The Little Couple clan has not been filming new footage for future episodes. Jennifer, Bill, Zoey, and Will reside in Florida, which is one of the states with the highest amount of cases. So until the virus is more under control, it is highly unlikely the Kleins will resume filming.

The Little Couple: Bill Klein - Jennifer Arnold - Zoey Klein - Will Klein


Since Jennifer Arnold’s immune system is compromised from her cancer treatments, it’s better she errs on the side of caution. Certainly, once she feels it’s safe, it’s fair to assume TLC crews will once again be documenting this family for its next season.


The Little Couple: When Will The New Season Debut?

The Little Couple typically starts airing their seasons as early as late summer. However, they have also debuted in the fall or even after the new year. So there’s still hope for new episodes this year. However since filming has yet to resume at the Klein house, it’s likely we won’t see The Little Couple return to it’s Tuesday night home on TLC in 2020. Hopefully, the COVID-19 numbers in Florida are under control soon so Jennifer Klein, her husband, and kids can start filming. Fans of the show are anxious to see all the things the family has been up to since the last season ended.

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