The Little Couple Spoilers: Bill Klein & Jen Arnold Face Remodel Chaos in New Home

The Little Couple spoilers show Bill Klein and Jen Arnold have moved to Florida. Bill and Jen are really changing things up for Will and Zoey. On tonight’s episode the viewers will see them move in and start remodeling right away. This is going to be an interesting season with the family changing everything up.

The Little Couple Spoilers: Bill Klein & Jen Arnold make their big move

Jen Arnold and Bill Klein decided to uproot their family and move to Florida. They were living in Houston, Texas before. Moving with two small children is never easy. On tonight’s episode of The Little Couple on TLC, they will start trying to settle into their new home. This is not going to be simple seeing that they decide to start remodeling the second they move in as well. It would have been smart to do the remodeling before they moved in. The Little Couple must have not been able to make that work or they are going to save money and do some of it on their own.

The Little Couple spoilers show they had to realize that they would not be able to do all of the moving in one day. The Little Couple decided to relax and drink champagne. Everyone was finally able to relax just a bit, which is never easy during a move. They shared that they have a lot left to do in their new home in Florida. Their family and friends are there to help, so they all went outside and just relaxed for a bit, which doesn’t happen much during a move.

Details of the new home in Florida

The house in Florida that The Little Couple is living in is a great house. It has a pool, which Zoey and Will love having to play in all of the time. It has fountains spraying water into it and is gorgeous. There is also an area with steps the children may be able to touch in. The kids loved that they could see the pool from the windows. You know that Bill and Jen will enjoy it as well.

They didn’t share all of the details of their remodeling plans just yet. You can assume that it is probably partially to make the house work for them. It won’t be easy living in a new home, unpacking and also having remodeling going on at the same time.

The Little Couple spoilers reveal Bill has admitted that at one time he wanted a child that was genetically his own, but then they decided adoption was the way to go for them. Zoey and Will fit into their family perfect. Bill now says he couldn’t have done any better than the children they ended up with eventually.

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