‘The Little Couple’: Bill Klein Takes on Teacher Role – Jen Arnold’s Hubby Not Good at Math

The Little Couple star Bill Klein is now not only a business owner but a teacher as well. Kids all over the world are being home-schooled due to the virus pandemic. Parents are finding themselves being the school teachers to their children. Jen Arnold, who works in the medical field is thankful for her husband’s leadership during this critical time. She thanked Bill for becoming the principal of their homeschool.

The Little Couple: Bill Klein Becomes Homeschool Teacher

Bill Klein has found himself taking on the role of being a teacher. The recent virus outbreak has shut down schools all over the world. This left students having to continue their schooling online. Parents then become teachers overnight. In The Little Couple household, Bill was the one who took on this new job.

The Little Couple alum has started his teaching journey. Bill Klein is now teaching Zoey Klein and Will Klein about science. He said that they were “learning about flight and the solar system.”

Although, Bill admitted that teaching math hasn’t been going to well. He said that “me and new math do not equate.”

The Little Couple: Zoey Klein - Will Klein

Jen Arnold Thankful for Husband’s Help

Jen Arnold knows all about working in the medical field. There is a good chance The Little Couple star has been busy helping healthcare workers in any way she can. So, she may not be able to help out with her kids’ school work as much as she’d like to. But, Jen does understand that “many parents are struggling as we become overnight school teachers.”

The Little Couple celeb is thankful to have her husband Bill Klein take on the teacher role. Jen Arnold said that Bill has been “managing multiple businesses during this time.” But, she said that at the same time he is “doing amazing work as the lead principle in our homeschool.” Jen also shared pictures of her son Will Klein and Zoey Klein doing their schoolwork.

The Little Couple: Zoey Klein - Will Klein

What Have The Little Couple Children Been up To?

Before going into quarantine, Will Klein celebrated a milestone birthday. He is now 10 years old. Jen Arnold and Bill are one year closer to having a teenager in the family. For his birthday he got a gift anyone his age would love. Bill Klein said that for Will’s birthday he got an iPod. He said that Will uses his favourite picture of his sister as his lock screen picture.

As for the youngest The Little Couple cast member, Zoey Klein underwent another surgery a few months ago. Zoey had to get surgery to put more permanent ear tubes into her ears. Bill Klein gave fans an update on his daughter. He said that less than two hours after surgery she was recovering well. Bill said that his daughter is a “brave girl.” Surely, Bill and his wife Jen Arnold are proud parents.

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