‘The Little Couple’ Bill Klein Teases “Naked” Wife Jen Arnold on Instagram

The Little Couple keeps fans up to date and Bill Klein is at it again. A pic of Jen Arnold he posted on Instagram offered a hilarious tease. Bill posted a pic of his wife at the Hospital for Special Surgery. He captioned like it was a sexy personal photo and his wife seemed to take his sense of humor in stride. It was a nice way for him to make light of a serious medical situation that needed some lightening. Here’s what The Little Couple said recently about Jen’s hospital visit and how Bill perked up his wife.

The Little Couple: Jen Arnold in Hospital for Hip Surgery

As The Little Couple fans know, Jen Arnold needed a hip replacement operation. Jen told People in a recent video interview (see below) that it’s not her first rodeo with hip pain. She had both hips replaced when she was 27. Jen discussed skeletal issues that are common with dysplasia.

She worked 120 hours a week and being constantly on her feet as a young doctor caused the first hip surgery crisis. Jen Arnold said, “I just wore out my hips”. She was told she needed to have repeat surgery on her hip or risk a “catastrophic event” with no warning because “that hip is gone!”

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At home #2 aka @hspecialsurgery guess who’s naked under that hospital gown 🙂 @jenarnoldmd #littlecouple

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Bill Klein Makes Wife Feel Sexy When it Matters

The Little Couple star Jen Arnold will have a painful recovery since hip replacement surgery is very invasive. When you’re stuck in a hospital gown that ties up the back and leaves you exposed, it’s not a great feeling. That’s a moment when Jen probably wasn’t feeling very happy, or attractive because surgery is stressful and scary, even for a doc like her.

So Bill Klein posted a photo of her pre-op in her gown with a funny caption on Instagram to make his wife smile. He wrote: “guess who’s naked under that hospital gown?”

He tagged Jen Arnold and The Little Couple so fans could see. Clearly, Jen appreciates all that Bill does – and showed it an IG post directed at her husband saying, “love this guy to the moon and back.”

The Little Couple: Bill Gets Jen Special Post-Surgery Treat

Bill also shared how he’ll be taking great care of Jen post-surgery. He said in The Little Couple interview that they love to watch movies at home but Jen Arnold prefers movie theater popcorn. Bill drives to the theater to buy the good stuff to go with couch surfing video time. When theater workers recognize Bill, they let him in so he can buy popcorn.

He said they will say “Hey I watch the program” and let him in. But sometimes he has to buy a ticket so he can get to the concession stand and get Jen’s snack. He said they’re like, “I don’t know who the hell you are”. He said they think he might be trying to sneak into the movies.

But he plans to treat her right while she’s bouncing back from the painful operation. There’s no word yet if her surgery will feature on The Little Couple episodes. Hopefully, Jen Arnold recovers fast and is back to chasing Will and Zoey soon. Watch Bill Klein and Jen Arnold tonight on their TLC show as they head to China for son Will to explore his roots.

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