‘The Little Couple’: Zoey Klein Recovering From Surgery

The Little Couple stars Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein’s daughter Zoey Klein is recovering from a medical procedure at the hospital. The couple’s youngest daughter underwent another surgery. Zoey, like both her parents, has dwarfism. So, surgeries are par for the course throughout her lifetime.

However, this time she’s having a very common procedure that many children her age also have done. Here’s what we know about Zoey’s latest hospital visit and how she’s doing now.

The Little Couple: Zoey Klein’s Dad Calls Her Brave

The Little Couple Dad Bill Klein thinks his little girl Zoey is one brave little lady. Today his youngest child had another ear surgery. This time it was for a set of more permanent ear tubes. Although Zoey Klein will likely have several surgeries in her future, this procedure is the most common surgery for kids in the USA.

In fact, over half a million American children undergo this exact procedure annually, just like Zoey.

The Little Couple’s Zoey Klein is likely getting a new set of inner ear tubes because her first set fell out. Again this is a very common occurrence. The procedure is done as an outpatient and only takes about 15 minutes once it started.

TLC’s The Little Couple: Bill Klein Gives Surgery Timeline

Her father, Bill Klein, outlined the timeline for Zoey’s operation. First, he says at 6:30 am she was all smiles, then at 7:40 am it was “game time”. However, by 10:06 am Zoey was all smiles again and enjoying a post-op hot dog and enjoying her day of skipping school.

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Certainly, Zoey Klein will be back in class after a day or two. After all, she seemed perfectly well just 90 minutes after getting her new tubes.

Zoey Takes After Her Mother

The Little Couple’s Bill Klein thinks Zoey has many of the same qualities as her mother. In fact, he even uses that hashtag to caption the recent picture of his brave daughter’s as she underwent her operation for her ears.

Recall we’ve witnessed Jennifer Arnold’s bravery as she battled cancer on screen. She is one strong and determined woman. Then again just last season we watched as Jennifer worried more about her family as she prepared for her second hip replacement surgery.

So, of course, it is a huge compliment that The Little Couple father of two is bestowing upon his daughter. To see Zoey maturing as a person and modeling herself on her mother’s example must make him one proud papa. This also goes to show that nurture is just as important in development as a child as biology.

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