‘The Bachelor’: Peter’s Mom Accidentally Reveals He Ends Up with a Producer?

The Bachelor fandom has been buzzing about the reports that Peter Weber ends up with a show producer, Julie LaPlaca. But now a recent comment from his mother on producer Julie LaPlaca’s social media account further supports the theory.

Chris Harrison did say the ending is “something like we’ve never seen before”.

The Bachelor: Peter Weber Dating Producer Rumors Spark

The Bachelor fans have been hearing whispers that Peter Weber, at the end, winds up with a producer and not a contestant. The producer’s name is Julie LaPlaca and she’s been a producer on the show for six years now. Because of Julie’s position, her job is to stick close to the stars.

But she’s now making headlines because there’s a theory floating around that she and Peter fell in love while filming The Bachelor. Plus, there’s enough photographic evidence to make the claim plausible. Some tidbits even come from Peter’s family. Peter and Julie even celebrated New Year’s Eve together. Could the two have fallen in love?

The Bachelor: Julie LaPlaca

Peter Weber’s Mom Comments on Producer Julie LaPlaca’s Photo

ABC executive Rob Mills was vague about the possibility that Peter Weber and producer Julie LaPlaca end up together when asked. He said he would “neither confirm or deny” the rumors. Which means that they could still be true. But Mills also reminded Bachelor fans that the “rollercoaster isn’t over” until After the Final Rose.

But Peter’s mom, Barbara Weber, recently commented on one of Julie’s photos and it has people wondering if there’s more behind it than just kind words. “Beautiful Girl! Beautiful Peru!” She said about the picture of the Bachelor producer taken during filming in Peru.

The Bachelor: Julie LaPlaca


The Bachelor: Are Peter & Julie Just Friends?

There’s also the chance that Peter Weber and Julie are just really good friends. Although they look pretty cozy in some of their photos, it could just be friends. Julie’s job has her with the star of each season for the entirety of making the show and it’s likely that they just get really close.

In fact, Julie and Hannah Brown from The Bachelorette appear to have become really good friends since her season filmed. Yet, we won’t know for sure until we see it play out on our televisions. Who do you think Delta pilot Peter ends up with? The Bachelor airs Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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