‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Colton Underwood’s First 10 Girls Revealed

The Bachelor spoilers show Colton Underwood’s first ten girls have been revealed. Reality Steve is doing a great job of spoiling the show as he always does. You can expect that he will end up revealing who Colton picks in the end before the show even starts filming.

The Bachelor Spoilers: Colton Underwood’s girls revealed

The Bachelor spoilers reveal that Reality Steve has done it again and here are the ten girls that have been revealed so far. Only three girls this season are over 26 years old and Colton Underwood will have 25 girls this season. Most of the girls seem to have deactivated their Instagram profiles as soon as they went on the show.

Sydney Lotuaco is from New York and is a former New York Knicks Dancer. She has also done some modeling. She was one of the girls on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Sydney has dark hair and dark eyes. Another girl this season is Nina Bartula who is 30-years-old and from North Carolina. She works as an account manager at Cisco.

Hannah Godwin is 23-years-old and from Alabama. She is a gorgeous blonde who works as a media manager at Soca Clothing. Hannah already has a huge social following, so she isn’t on the show for that, but you know it will go up even more now.  Erika Mcnutt is 25-years-old and from San Diego, CA. She works as a travel nurse recruiter for Aya Healthcare.

Alex Blumberg is 26-years-old and from Vancouver, Canada. She actually partnered with her half-sister Sara to make K9 guard jacket, a protective jacket for smaller dogs. Alex is very involved in animal rescue. Hannah Brown is 24-years-old and from Tuscaloosa, AL. She’s the reigning Miss Alabama 2018. Her Facebook page is still up for now. She freely admits to dealing with depression and anxiety.

Annie Reardon is 23 and now lives in New York. She is another one of the three girls that got to meet Colton Underwood on Ellen’s show. She graduated from the University of Alabama. It turns out a few girls on this season graduated from there and seeing they are all around the same age some of them might know each other.

The Bachelor Spoilers: Check out girls with pictures

Revian Chang is 24-years-old and is from Texas, but she lives in LA now. That has to make you wonder her reasons for being on the show. She works as a registered nurse.

Onyeka Ehie still has pictures up on her Facebook page. She is 24-years-old and from Dallas, Texas. Onyeka has an accounting degree and works as an IT Advisory Associate at KPMG.

Bachelor - Onyeka Ehie from Facebook

Katie Morton is from Louisiana, but she now lives in LA. Another one you wonder why she joined the show since she has made the move to LA. She is part of a dance agency and was also one that Colton Underwood got to meet on Ellen DeGeneres’s show. Her Facebook page is still up with pictures. She is the one on the left below.

Bachelor - Katie Morton

Colton Underwood starts to meet ‘The Bachelor’ ladies

If you watched The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week, then you got to see three of Colton Underwood’s girls. He actually got to meet the girls on the show. They were there and did a short little game with Colton. They were across the room from him, but he did get a chance to get to know them a little bit. He met Sydney, Katie and Annie on this show.

Night one of the show filmed yesterday and Mike Fleiss shared a few things about Colton Underwood’s season on his Twitter. He didn’t give away too many details, though. You can see a bit of what was going on below. There will also be three public dates in the next week. You know that fans are going to be able to get a few pics and videos they will share on social networks.

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