‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Colton Meets Cinderella, a Sloth and a Fake Accent

The Bachelor spoilers for the Colton Underwood season tease clips of him meeting some of the girls for the first time. All first impressions are important in the search for love, but some are more memorable than others. This year, we have a real-life Cinderella, a girl in a sloth costume and an outrageous fake accent.

The Bachelor – Cinderella Erin Landry Arrives in a Carriage to Meet Colton Underwood

The Bachelor house will be home to a princess this season. One bachelorette rode up to the mansion in a legit horse drawn carriage. Erin Landry is a self-entitled Cinderella and is pulling out all the stops to impress the newest bachelor Colton Underwood. She works for her stepmother’s home improvement business but also enjoys ballroom dancing. Did we mention she is prone to losing shoes?

Seems like she is trying to channel her inner Disney princess. Erin Landry struts out in a light blue gown, then introduces herself to Colton while all the other girls watch and whisper in the background. They talk briefly for a moment before the next girl arrives and Erin Landry leaves him a parting gift. One of her shoes.

Her entrance impressed not only Colton Underwood, but all the other girls who had already arrived. One even exclaimed, “I really could have done a lot more than a bag of nuts.”

Alex Dillon – A Girl in a Sloth Suit

One main rule for making a good first impression on The Bachelor is to be original. Sometimes all it takes to get the first impression rose is a little originality. Massachusetts native Alex Dillon has hit the nail on the head by doing just that.

She showed up to the party in a giant sloth costume. She even does a little sloth walk, wrapping her arms around Colton Underwood and getting really close. For the rest of the season, she will forever be known as sloth girl.

In this preview from The Bachelor official Twitter account, you can see Alex Dillon in action. She is not afraid to be herself and that might be something that appeals to Colton. If sloth girl plays her cards right, she could just be ‘hanging’ around for a while this season.

Bri Barnes – Bachelorette Tells a Little White Lie with Australian Accent

It is not unusual for a contestant on The Bachelor to tell a lie to try to impress the guy and get a rose, and especially on The Bachelor. Most people lie about their profession or make up something about another contestant. Bri Barnes did something new by pretending to be from Australia, accent and all.

The model from California walked straight up to Colton Underwood and introduced herself as Bri Barnes from Australia. What we (and everyone else) would like to know is how long she is planning on keeping up the Down Under Aussie act?

Bri Barnes is a girl with the mindset to do anything to come out on top. She just might be stacking up to become one of this season’s villains says ET. Make sure you guys have all of your fantasy brackets filled out. The Bachelor fun begins tonight at 8 pm with a three-hour special on ABC.

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