‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Can Colton Trust Cassie Randolph and Caelynn Miller-Keyes?

The Bachelor spoilers reveal Colton Underwood’s trust issues with the bachelorettes will explode. In particular, Cassie Randolph and Caelynn Miller-Keyes genuineness will be questioned. The ex-NFL player will continue to receive warnings regarding the motives of his Bachelor clan. But will he take heed?

The Bachelor Spoilers: Colton’s Triple Warnings

Last week on The Bachelor, Colton Underwood received a total of three warnings regarding making the right decision. Sydney Lotuaco, Katie Morton and Demi Burnett all warned him about the motives of other contestants. While the girls did not specify any bachelorettes in particular, they did tell him that some of them may not be there for the right reasons. After receiving three warnings from three different people, The Bachelor finally realized there may be some truth to it all.

At first, he initially thought Sydney was referring to Demi being present for the wrong reasons. But then once he eliminated Demi and she stated the same thing, he questioned his thought process. The moment he eliminated Katie Morton, she repeated what Sydney and Demi previously stated. This flabbergasted The Bachelor. He became very confused at this point. Understandably, his suspicions were at an all time high.

The Bachelor Spoilers: Kirpa Warns Colton about Cassie


It’s no secret Colton Underwood is fond of Cassie Randolph. The pair finally shared a romantic one-on-one date on a recent episode. The reality star is certainly smitten for her. However, on the next episode of The Bachelor, Colton will receive devastating news. Contestant Kirpa Sudick will tell him Cassie’s intentions may not be genuine.

Once Cassie becomes notified of Kirpa’s conversation, she will be infuriated. The girls will bicker back-and-forth. Cassie will angrily tell Kirpa she should’ve minded her own business. But Kirpa will believe she did the right thing. Obviously, she will appear to be genuinely concerned about The Bachelor’s heart. But flames will be ignited with this altercation.

The Bachelor Spoilers: Tayshia’s Warnings

Tayshia Adams will additionally tell Colton Underwood to be mindful of his choices. She will inform him that Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Cassie Randolph aren’t ready. Therefore, Colton will understandably become even more concerned. He has a strong relationship with Tayshia Adams. Therefore, he respects her opinion. Additionally, The Bachelor also has strong relationships with Cassie and Caelynn. At this point, Colton’s mind will be blown. What will he do?

Colton Underwood- More Confused Than Ever

All in all, Colton Underwood will be very concerned regarding his final ladies. The Bachelor has previously stated he is truly looking for love. He doesn’t want to deal with being a “back up plan.” However, his worst fears may potentially come true if he doesn’t listen to the warnings. Will he make the right decision? Or will he go with his gut, despite the multiple conversations he’s had with the bachelorettes?

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