‘The Bachelor’ 2019 Spoilers: Looks Like Colton Underwood Just Spoiled His Final Pick

The Bachelor 2019 spoilers are out for Colton Underwood‘s season. Now, it looks like Colton might have just spoiled the finale himself. When contestants get home from the show, they don’t always think before posting on social networks. Colton just did that himself. It could have spoiled the entire season if people are paying attention.

The Bachelor spoilers from Colton Underwood

Reality Steve went crazy today sharing about a couple of posts online that reveal all. It all started out with a picture of something Colton posted. He was standing there with a girl behind him. If you notice, the girl on the left’s nail polish really looks the nail polish on the girl that is standing behind Colton.

Nail polish isn’t really enough to prove anything, but that wasn’t all that happened. Steve also shared a photo of the same girl with another hint. If you look at her phone case that is lying on the table, you will notice that is red. This is just like the phone case the girl is holding in the picture behind Colton. So far, Colton Underwood isn’t saying a word.

Reality Steve shares who Colton picks

Reality Steve already shared Bachelor spoilers about who Colton Underwood picks on The Bachelor. According to Bachelor spoilers, Colton will only do two of the three overnight dates. He will then pick the second girl he went on an overnight date with and propose to her. He just decided to end the show before it was really over. Sometimes the person in charge can go rogue and do things their own way.

This is the first time it has ever happened like this, though. Colton didn’t even do the third overnight date.

Who is Cassie Randolph?

This girl happens to be Cassie Randolph. This is also the girl in the picture above that has the red phone case on the table. It really does look like Colton might have just spoiled The Bachelor himself. You know that ABC won’t love that the fans were able to get a hold of these pictures and compare them like they did today. Colton will probably be more careful about what he shares in the future.

This has been done in the past as well. Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Becca Kufrin shared pictures 20 minutes apart that you could tell they were in the same place. Everyone figured out that he picked Becca, but there was a lot more to this story. He did pick her, but then break up with her to be Lauren Burnham.

Reality shows like The Bachelor are filmed ahead of time. Colton Underwood and his girl are now together and engaged indicated by Bachelor spoilers. The thing is they are supposed to keep it a secret until the finale airs. They get to spend time together but only in private. The Bachelor actually sets up these dates for them so they won’t get caught.

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