‘The Bachelor’ 2019 Spoilers: Colton Underwood Final Pick Revealed As He Does Things His Own Way

The Bachelor 2019 spoilers that everyone has been waiting on are here. Colton Underwood‘s final pick has been revealed by Reality Steve. He also shared some big spoilers and it turns out that Colton does things a bit different.  The final three will end up going down a totally different way than usual.

The Bachelor 2019 spoilers share Colton Underwood’s choice

Reality Steve was able to find out Colton Underwood and his final choice once again. He has a pretty good track record on getting the winner right. Steve had already narrowed it down to Colton’s final four. Now he has how the rest of it plays out on The Bachelor this season.

The final three girls are Hannah Godwin, Tayshia Adams, and Cassie Randolph. They all go to Portugal to what they think will be their fantasy suite date. One of these girls will end up being engaged to Colton by the end of The Bachelor 2019.

It turns out that Cassie Randolph is the one that Colton proposes to in the end. He knows that without a doubt she is the one for him. Now, the way that it plays out is a bit different than what the viewers are used to seeing on this show.

Colton decides to do things his own way

Colton Underwood really changed things up as The Bachelor. One big thing is that he only took two girls to the fantasy suite dates. Steve doesn’t know yet if Colton is still a virgin or not after those nights. Steve is hoping he will get a bit more information in the upcoming weeks. That could be something he finds out.


Colton Underwood will go on two of the three fantasy suite dates. His first one is with Tayshia. It sounds like it all went fine, but then Underwood went on his date with Cassie Randolph. After that date, his mind was made up. Colton knew that she was the one he wanted to marry. He sent the other two girls home and then proposed to Cassie. These two are now engaged.

In the past, contestants have been sent home early before the final rose ceremony. It has always been down to two people when this happened though. Colton is the first to decide on the final three who he wants to marry and send the other two home right away. It will be interesting to see how this goes down and viewers could end up losing an episode of The Bachelor since there just wasn’t as much to film at the end.

The new season of The Bachelor will start airing in January on ABC with Colton Underwood. It sounds like everyone will get to watch a great love story. He has made it clear that he wants to find a wife in the end. Hopefully, he did just that this time.

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