‘The Bachelor’: Colton Underwood Questions Sexuality in New Memoir

The Bachelor‘s Colton Underwood opens up about the confusion surrounding his sexuality in his new memoir entitled “Colton Underwood – The First Time”. He struggled with understanding who he was and didn’t feel able to talk to his parents about his feelings.

Colton Underwood also says he was bullied when he was younger. The repeated verbal abuse almost convinced him he was gay. He reveals these inner secrets and the status of his relationship with Cassie Randolph, who he met on Season 23 of The Bachelor.

The Bachelor: Colton Underwood Thought He Might Be Gay Even in Grade School

Colton Underwood admits he thought he liked men as early as elementary school. These thoughts confused him, and he kept this to himself. He didn’t want to talk to anyone about it. The Bachelor hunk had a hard time at school. The younger Colton had weight issues and wore glasses. He remembers the pain suffered at the hands of his classmates.

As Colton got older, he talked about his Christian beliefs. He decided to wait until he got married to have sex. This admission brought another round of ridicule from his friends. They again questioned if he was gay. Colton Underwood heard these statements so much that he explains in his book he started to believe it himself.

The Bachelor: Colton Underwood

How Football and ‘The Bachelor’ Focused Colton Underwood

Both of Colton Underwood’s parents were athletes at college. In high school, when he started to play football, he lost weight and became captain of the football team. Colton went on to play at Illinois State just like his dad. The San Diego Chargers signed him in 2014. Colton Underwood’s football career only lasted two years.

When football ended, Colton found his way onto The Bachelorette as a contestant in the 14th season. He was eliminated in Week 8, but was such a fan favorite, he became The Bachelor‘s star in its 23rd season. That is where he met his current girlfriend Cassie Randolph.

But in another secret revealed in his book, the two broke up last summer.

The Bachelor: Colton Underwood - Cassie Randolph

From Splitsville to Being Quarantined with Cassie

Colton Underwood’s love life with Cassie Randolph has been touch and go from the very beginning. She threatened to leave The Bachelor when Colton expressed intense feelings for her. She agreed to stay, but only after he promised not to propose right away.

The two dated but according to Colton, they had a communication breakdown. He blames the structure of The Bachelor for this. They didn’t have time to develop a relationship in a normal way. After a short break in August of last year, he and Cassie reunited. And just in time.

Colton Underwood is currently dealing with the coronavirus. He is staying on the third floor of the Randolph’s home. He gives regular updates and feels much better. He credits Cassie and her family for taking very good care of him.

He is excited to be better just in time for the release of his new book which comes out this week.

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