The Bachelor Spoilers: Colton Underwood Finally Jumps The Fence

The Bachelor spoilers reveal Colton Underwood will finally jump the fence on the upcoming episode. Since the beginning of the season, fans have wondered when Colton will have his outburst. Apparently, it will happen this week after his intense conversation with Cassie Randolph.

The Bachelor Spoilers: Colton Underwood’s Fantasy Suite Fiasco

The Bachelor Colton Underwood will finally have his experience with the infamous fantasy suites. However, will all go as planned? Apparently, he will have his first overnight suite experience with Tayshia Adams. However, it is reported they will not be intimate.

During his second fantasy suite experience with Cassie Randolph, drama occurs. The Bachelor spoilers show she will reveal she wants to go home. She will tell The Bachelor her father traveled to Portugal. Obviously, her dad (Matt Randolph) is skeptical. Therefore, Cassie Randolph will become skeptical of the relationship as well.

Cassie Randolph Becomes Doubtful

Cassie’s father will not think she’s ready. This will have a huge effect on Cassie‘s feelings for a potential engagement. She will express her feelings to Colton. She will also mention her dad never gave Colton Underwood his blessing for marriage. During hometowns, he never told Colton he would be alright with an engagement.

Apparently, this all will weigh heavily on Cassie Randolph. However The Bachelor will still tell Cassie he loves her and he will not want to be with anybody else. However, she will still desire to leave. According to Reality Steve, the couple will go back-and-forth for quite a while on the episode. But it still won’t matter. Cassie will still leave.

The Bachelor Spoilers: Will Colton Fight For Love?

Irregardless of Cassie Randolph’s decision to not get engaged, Colton will still want to be with her. The Bachelor will claim they don’t have to get engaged. Being with her is all that matters. But Cassie will continue to suggest he consider his other options.

She will mention there are two other women left. She knows Colton wants an engagement. Therefore, she will suggest The Bachelor potentially choosing another woman. But the ex-NFL player will state if it isn’t her, he doesn’t want to be engaged. He will claim Cassie is all he can think about when he’s with the other women.

So reportedly, Cassie will eventually leave the show. Therefore, Colton Underwood will leave as well. He will grab his wallet and then jump over a huge fence to escape cameras. After all this occurs, The Bachelor will eventually travel to California for Cassie. As a result, the pair will reportedly agree to not get engaged. They will instead become an exclusive couple. Colton Underwood’s dream of being an engaged man at the end of the season will not happen.

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