‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Cassie Randolph’s Dad Doesn’t Want Her To Get Married

The Bachelor spoilers reveal Cassie Randolph‘s father will travel to Portugal to tell her not to accept a proposal. Apparently, he doesn’t think she’s ready. His unexpected visit will understandably confuse the bachelorette. Colton Underwood will be stunned.

The Bachelor Spoilers: Cassie Randolph’s Dad Says No to Marriage

Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood have had a strong connection since the beginning of the season. However, during The Bachelor’s visit to Cassie’s hometown, things became interesting. Cassie’s father, Matt Randolph, wasn’t too fond of his daughter’s relationship.

He said his feelings, and believes she is too young for marriage. In addition, he made it clear that Cassie needed to thoroughly think about her decision. Marriage is a lifelong commitment. Apparently, Matt doesn’t feel she’s ready. He clearly did not give his blessing for a proposal. Colton Underwood was completely blindsided.

‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Cassie’s Dad’s Surprise Visit

For many weeks now, Bachelor fans witnessed Colton’s love for Cassie. So much so, fans knew she would be a finalist. However, The Bachelor fans never expected things to go awry. Thanks to Matt Randolph, their love may be in jeopardy. On next week’s episode, Colon Underwood will take a trip to Portugal with his women. The final 3 bachelorettes are Hannah Godwin, Tayshia Adams, and Cassie Randolph. Of course, fans of the show know fantasy suites are next.

Tayshia Adams will spend the first night with Colton Underwood. However, the second overnight will be with Cassie. But there’s an interesting twist. Her father will show up in Portugal! Apparently, he was serious about what he said during hometowns. He will not want an engagement. He will urge Cassie to make a wise decision. In addition, he will tell her that marriage is a big step. Obviously, he doesn’t think she will be ready at all. He will say he believes she’s hesitant. That’s never a good sign. Especially on The Bachelor.

Cassie Randolph Sends Herself Home?

Apparently, Cassie’s conversation with her father will weigh heavily. So much so, she will question everything. Her dad will influence her decision making. She will voice her concerns to Colton. But, The Bachelor will still profess his love for her. But, things will still not sit well with Cassie Randolph. She will also express that she is not 100% sure of their relationship. This will be a suprise to Colton Underwood because her words and actions have revealed otherwise. Nonetheless, the reality star will suggest going home.

Of course The Bachelor will not want her to leave. He will attempt to persuade her to stay. Colton will even tell her they don’t have to get engaged. He just wants to be with her regardless. So basically, as long as they are in a relationship, he will be satisfied. But previously, Colton Underwood was adamant about his desire to get married.

So will The Bachelor settle for less than he wants? Apparently so because they will not get engaged. Cassie Randolph will leave to return to California. Colton Underwood will be heartbroken. In addition, according to Reality Steve The Bachelor will finally jump the fence and leave the show next week. We’ll see how all this turns out soon!

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