‘Teen Mom 2’: Jenelle Evans Ex, Nathan Griffith Arrested But Nothing Compares to Husband’s Dog Killing?

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans’ baby daddy, Nathan Griffith, was arrested, which happens now and then to her past and present love interests. Nathan, who is the dad to one of the Teen Mom‘s kids, was arrested in North Carolina on Thursday.

It seems Nathan was arrested for “driving while impaired.” A call came in that a man was found unconscious in a car. When the fire department arrived they found Nathan Griffith was allegedly impaired and sleeping. Jenelle’s ex didn’t suffer from anything medical like they first thought when they got the call.

Reports indicate the ex-fiance of Teen Mom celeb, Jenelle Evans, was outside a grocery store at the time in his car with the engine running. His arraignment is set for November 1, according to reports. While it’s not a major crime, this arrest follows another recent arrest that the dad of Janelle’s son Kaiser has under his belt today.

Teem Mom – Jenelle Evans Far from Teenager

Jenelle Evans is far from being a Teen Mom today at 27. But after being affiliated with the MTV show teenage behavior is something people look for. Unfortunately, that’s what they often see.

Cary, North Carolina, police handcuffed the 32-year-old Nathan Griffith and carted him away.

Reports put Nathan out on bail today. But it still seems to raise a question about Jenelle Evans. What’s up with all the bad boys Jenelle Evans seems to gravitate towards?

Nathan’s last arrest was in 2018 after he failed to report striking fixtures along the side of the highway. Many fans see Nathan as harmless compared to Janelle’s husband David Eason.

The behaviors demonstrated by the husband the Teen Mom has today leaves fans disgusted. The incident happened several months ago but fans still comment with anger over his actions.

Teen Mom: Jenelle Evans - David Eason

Jenelle’s Husband Kills Family Dog

Nathan got custody of the son he shares with Jenelle after Eason killed the family dog by shooting the pup. At the time of the incident, Nathan was fighting his Teen Mom ex for custody of Kaiser.

Jenelle doesn’t show good judgment, according to Teen Mom fans. She proudly celebrated her two-year wedding anniversary with Eason despite him killing the family dog.

Fans became irate about that and they hopped online to voice their disgust. When the Teen Mom celeb’s husband attempted to share his marriage milestone online, both he and Jenelle were bashed.

The suggestions, comments, and even warnings poured in from fans about the possible danger this former Teen Mom faces by staying her husband. Fans think Eason is capable of dangerous behavior especially since he demonstrated this in the past. But still, Janelle stays.

So much rough water has gone under the bridge in this relationship. Most fans don’t see the possibility of a happy marriage for Jenelle. But again, it looks like she believes she’s happy because she stays.

MTV let Jenelle go in April after her husband shot the dog. The network said they have no plans in covering her story in the future. Eason posted a photo of the couple online and wished “Happy 2nd wedding anniversary to us babe!” Some fans actually said this made them sick.

Others pulled up puking emojis in droves to demonstrate just how sick they feel. They used the emojis to decorate their comments over the happy couple’s celebration.

Teen Mom: Why Not a Bookworm?

So what makes Jenelle tick? While the bad boy persona seems to attract the Teen Mom alum, she’s no longer a teen. She’s a grown woman and biological mother of three.

Fans pretty much gave up on asking this question about Jenelle. But a few years back many Teen Mom followers thought she harbored some type of a weird need to fix broken men. Others said she equates manhood with men who behave brutally or guys in trouble with the law.

Jenelle seems to think she can see the good in people where others don’t. Today fans worry so much about her relationship they offer warnings in their posts. Like this recent comment replying to Eason’s anniversary post. One fan writes to Jenelle Evans, “Happy to see you alive… Hopefully, you can say the same next year.”

That pretty much says it all in a nutshell for one of the original Teen Mom players Jenelle Evans. Many people see her flirting with danger but she doesn’t seem to see it that way.
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