‘Teen Mom 2′: David Eason Bails – Jenelle Evans’ Post-Dumping Playlist on Instagram

Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans and on-and-off husband David Eason split again it seems. Over the weekend, Jenelle made the break up social media official by changing her status to “Separated”. Not to be outdone, David changed his status to “Single”. The changes coupled with a quiet Valentines Day signify trouble on “The Land”. Now sources say he’s long gone from the house but they’ve played this song before.

Teen Mom 2: Jenelle Evan’s Taste in Men

Jenelle Evans is known for her questionable taste in men. First, was Andrew Lewis, absentee father of son Jace Evans. She also dated bad boys like Gary Head, Courtland Rogers, and Nathan Griffin. She and Nathan share four year-old Kaiser Griffin. Before David, Kiefer Delp was perhaps her most hated boyfriend.

Jenelle and Keifer’s drug use strained her relationship with her mom Barbara Evans. Moreover, the Teen Mom 2 star’s relationship with Kiefer was her focus. This lead her to give up Jace. The pair were on and off for years. Eventually, they went their separate ways. In light of his recent arrest, it is probably for the best.

No one would call Jenelle Evans and David Eason #relationshipgoals. In fact, Jenelle’s ex-husband Courtland Rogers “introduced” her to David when the two were cellies. Once released, David immediately flocked to Jenelle. Per usual, Jenelle’s mom Barbara hated David. However, Barbara is not alone as most of the viewers also hate David Eason.

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle’s Only Lasting Relationship is With Drama

Drama continuously follows Jenelle on and off Teen Mom 2. However, it seems to have increased ten-fold since meeting David.  A best kept secret, CPS investigated Jenelle and David after their daughter Ensley Eason tested positive for THC at birth. Likewise, both parents also tested positive. Important to note, THC is found in marijuana. Additionally, many believe that David abuses Kaiser. In fact, Nathan’s mother Doris Davidson refused to give Kaiser back after discovering bruises.

Fear for Kaiser’s safety lead fans concerned about her to start a petition. It called for MTV to fire her from Teen Mom 2. Additionally, as viewers know, MTV fired David Eason after a rant on social media. Again, the drama didn’t end there. After his firing, he threatened Chelsea DeBoer’s dad, Randy Houska, and a random motorist.

Perhaps most startling is his alleged assault of Jenelle Evans. Fans of the show heard the chilling 911 call made by Jenelle. On the call, she accuses David Eason of pinning her down. She says he possibly broke her collarbone. Whatever happened, it was enough for her to be hospitalized.

Jenelle’s Breaking Point

Was the alleged abuse the breaking point or something else? She recently posted on Instagram, “Wonder where my husband went?” Social media chatter says that David has been meeting with side chicks. All in all, many fans are just happy to hear that she is leaving him.

So far, this Teen Mom 2 breakup of Jenelle Evans and volatile David Eason seems to be sticking. She posted Insta Stories playing Demi Lovato’s Solo and Kesha’s Learn to Let Go. That’s definitely the playlist for post-relationship, but they may reconcile once again. Wait and see…

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